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5 Staycation Ideas During Your Kids’ Summer Vacation

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be a drag if you can’t afford to go anywhere. Staycations are just as, if not more fun for you and your kids. Rather than stress over how to pay for a trip to Disney World, stay home and indulge in quality local family time. You’ll be surprised how much you and your little ones will enjoy your own background – literally and figuratively! Here are five staycation ideas for summer.

1. Camp in Your Own Backyard

You don’t have to budget for a trip to Yellowstone National Park to go camping. Rather, turn your own yard into a campground and enjoy the great outdoors right at home. If you want to educate your children on the many natural wonders of Yellowstone, take the laptop or notepad outside and browse the Web, but stay outside! Pitch your tent out there and build a campfire so you can make s’mores and swap scary stories after dark. Everyone, including the dog, will love sleeping outdoors.

2. Visit the Local Library

You might hear the groans of your children before you even suggest this idea, but it’s more fun than you think. Head to your local library and browse the books. Check out the video section and enjoy fun yet educational rentals when it’s too hot to be outside in the afternoon. Talk with the librarian to find out if she or he has any discount tickets for your local attractions. In many cases, you can get discounted passes to your local aquarium, museum, park, and zoo, so ask to see how much money you can save.

3. Go on a Field Trip

Local businesses have vested interests in their community, so reach out to numerous companies in your area and see if they’d be willing to let your kids go on a field trip. Check out the fire and police stations, talk with local insurance agents about the insurance industry, and see about a trip to the city government offices and the courthouse. Depending on where you live, there are any number of field trips you can take to help your kids learn more about various future careers.

4. Check Out Your Local Sites

Who says you can’t be a tourist in your own town. Whether small or large, every town or city has a history, so check out your local sites. If you aren’t sure what’s out there to explore, search for local history and activities. You might have never known your town was the site of a Wild West shootout in the 19th century or that there is a haunted house nearby. You don’t have to live in a major city to enjoy plenty of historical sites; you just have to know where they are in your area.

5. Check Out Local Events

Don’t forget to attend the local events. Summer is a time when many cities throughout the land host barbecues, concerts, fairs, and other events. See what’s happening in your neck of the woods and then plan to attend the events you know you and your family will love. Your local community center also has plenty of fun summer activities for your kids, so check the calendar.

See? Staycations rock! You may never take a family vacation again.