21 Must Try Apple Recipes for Fall!


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Fall is in the air!  And the delicious apples are falling from the trees!  I remember as a little girl going to an apple cider mill each Fall.  We would gather and collect apples and come home and make all sorts of apple recipes.


21 Must Try Apple Recipes for Fall

caramel apple cake recipe

simple baked apples

Oh so yummy apple pie smoothie! It's totally healthy minus the topping.

The very best apple dip recipe that just might make you famous!

Which must try apple recipe will you try first this fall?


  1. Sarah Jones says:

    A really useful list. Usually at this time of year, I’m pulling my hair out trying to find apples recipes. Sadly, this year our crop is about 1/10 of the usual amount-not an uncommon problem here in the UK where we had a very wet Spring. I wondered whether you have tried baked apples? Recipe here

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