The school year is coming to an end. However, there is always time to work on sight words with your children. Keeping them engaged with sight word activities will help them as they learn to read, and reading during the summer is a great way to pass the time, especially on rainy days.

Don't let teaching sight words give you a headache. These 19 sight word activities will help student's master their sight words in no time. #sightwordactivites #sightwordactivitesgames #sightwordgames #sightwordkindergarten #sightwordspreschool #sightwordpractice

I have compiled 19 fun sight word activities for your children to help them learn and remember their sight words.


Summer Time Sight Words Coloring Pages – Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Summer is right around the corner! Enjoy learning sight words with these fun coloring pages.

Sight Words Activity Mats – Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Just print out the sight words activity mats, laminate them, and make sentences with the sight words on the lines.

1st Grade Sight Words Worksheets – Blessed Beyond a Doubt

First grade sight words worksheets help students master the Dolch grade one high frequency words that are taught in the classroom.

Free Sight Words Bookmarks for 1st Grade – Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Bookmarks containing the top 100 Dolch sight words for your first grader.



Ocean Sight Word Search Game & Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Trying to teach your kindergartner their sight words at home? Well, set the worksheets aside once in a while and use this fun ocean sensory sight word game! This site has links to other fun sight word activities, as well.

Pancake Sight Word Stack Game – Primary Playground

It’s important to have your students practice sight words  and repetition is one of the keys when tackling all of the words children are expected to know. One of our favorite things to do is play games to practice sight words so we’re sharing a fun Pancake Sight Word Stack Game.

Sight Word Worksheets Free Printable – April Golightly

With these free printable worksheets, your child will not only enjoy learning their sight words but also coloring fun pictures. This link contains pages for all seasons.

Monster Munch Sight Word Game – The Craft Train

Is your youngster tired of the same old flashcards? Have your child create a “pet monster” that is hungry for sight words. This new, fun game will entertain and educate at the same time. Just feed the monster the correct words. Mmm, yum!

Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets – Behind the Mom Bun

These kinder sight words worksheets give them the opportunity to read, say, write, and find their sight words. The more they interact with these words the faster they will get at reading them.

Sight Words Coloring Fun – Rock Your Homeschool

More fun sight word coloring pages. This link includes 2o free, fun-filled activities.

Sunny Sight Words Free Printables – Planes and Balloons

Your kindergarteners will enjoy these sunny sight words worksheets perfect for spring and summer season! They include more Dolch sight words to go with the rest of my sight words printables.

Free Train Sight Words Game – Kindergarten Worksheets & Games

Practice makes perfect! That is especially true for helping kids learning sight words. This Train Sight Words Game allows kids to have fun while practicing these words that appear over and over in written literature.

Sight Words Memory Game – Rock Your Homeschool

Another fun game to play with your child as he/she learns their sight words. Your kids will love this hands-on, interactive approach to practicing sight words.

Construction Sight Word Game – Preschool Play & Learn

Free printable Construction Sight Word Game is a fun way for preschoolers to practice pre-K sight words while having fun!

Crazy Roads Sight Words Game – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Your children will have fun practicing primer sight words with this fun, free printable Crazy Roads Sight Word Games. Great for improving reading skills!

Lid Learn & Stack Sight Word Activity – A Little Pinch of Perfect

A fun way to utilize those bottle caps that would otherwise end up in either the trash or recycling bin. Teach your child sight words using variously sized and colored caps. This activity can also be used to teach letters and numbers, too.

Strawberry-Themed Sight Word Sorting Activity – Homeschool Preschool

Use this fun sorting activity to teach your child pre-primer sight words. The strawberry preserves jar can represent words of different lengths (i.e., 2 and 4 letter words), and your child can place the appropriate words with the correct jar.

Hop on Pop Sight Words Game – The Chaos and the Clutter

Get your child up and moving with this fun and exciting game based on the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop! You and your child will have loads of fun and laughter as your child learns his/her sight words. This is a great activity to play with more than one child.

Sight Words List by Grade – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Looking for a printable list of all the sight words your child should know by grade?  We’ve got you covered with our age-specific Dolch Words printables.

There are so fun sight word activities to make learning sight words enjoyable. Who doesn’t like games, huh?

Thank you for sharing these 19 fun sight word activities for other students to enjoy.

Don't let teaching sight words give you a headache. These 19 sight word activities will help student's master their sight words in no time. #sightwordactivites #sightwordactivitesgames #sightwordgames #sightwordkindergarten #sightwordspreschool #sightwordpractice