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“This is the best interactive writing tool I’ve come across in 24 years. ” Laura Seiser, Northeast Hamilton School, USA

Starting off right is essential to teaching children how to read and write. From the start, we should make it fun and engaging. I have had the privilege to review an award-winning language arts program that does just that. Check out Night Zookeeper for a magical way to teach your children how to read and write. By signing on through this post, you will have the opportunity to save 50% on a 1-year subscription with a free 7-day trial period.

Night Zookeeper is a creative writing platform designed for homeschooling parents to teach their children while working with a team of tutors. Teachers can also use full language arts curriculum for classroom use while working with a team of educators. This program is an absolute game-changer for teaching children writing skills and a rich vocabulary that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Night Zookeeper has a global audience and is the foundation of all great writers.

Night Zookeeper captures the children’s imaginations and can promote a positive reading and writing experience – in and out of school. We love it!” Emma Cotton, Langham Village School, UK

Night Zookeeper – Make Writing Magical

Welcome to the Night Zoo! The Night Zookeeper shines the light, but the zoo needs you!

The Night Zoo is a magical world of the unknown full of unusual and outright bizarre creatures. The Night Zoo exists in the world of Night that was discovered by Zookeeper Will when he painted a purple elephant as part of a school project. The Night Zoo is shrouded in the foggiest, preventing anyone from knowing exactly how big the zoo really is. Zookeepers explore the Night Zoo with Zookeeper Will and his friends Riya and Sam traveling through different magical locations using Will’s teleporting flashlight. As they explore, they will meet many Night Zookeeper characters who will help them protect the zoo.

The team of explorers visits the Whispering Woods, home of the Spying Giraffes who can turn invisible, or Igloo City where they meet Professor Penguin who loves perfect hot chocolate. They also visit the Fire Desert where Florence Flamingo cares for sick or injured animals at her hospital by the Pink Lake.

As the team of heroes, including your Night Zookeeper, Will, Sam, and Riya, travel throughout the Night Zoo, they complete exciting activities to protect the zoo from the mysterious Lord of Nulth ruler of the realm beyond the foggiest.

“Night Zookeeper is a wonderful resource. In fact, it’s the best my children have ever used and the most motivating by far. They want to work on it all day!” Amelia, Parent of 7 & 9-year-old

Parent and Teacher Dashboards

Night Zookeeper provides parent and teacher dashboards where they can set up a personal portfolio and manage their children’s or students’ accounts. The dashboard provides helpful links, as well as access to the child’s achievements, including how many words their child has written, challenges completed, lessons started, animals created, reading records, and games played. The parent dashboard also provides access to all of the child’s writing.

Children have access to their account through the parent dashboard, therefore, parents have full control over how their children are utilizing the program.

Zookeeper’s Dashboard

As a Zookeeper, your child is able to give themselves a nickname, create their own Zookeeper avatar, and see what their team is doing, as well as their team rank. Every new Zookeeper starts with the rank of Recruit. However, as they work on weekly lessons and weekly competitions, their rank will improve.

Night Zookeepers always have access to the zoo where the animals that they have created live. The animal dens provide access to the suggested learning activities.

They also have access to the Night Zookeeper Blog which showcases their work as well as their teammates’ work. Students can leave feedback for their teammates to help them become better writers, too.

The Night Zoo – Lessons, Games & Writing Prompts

From the parent or teacher dashboard, you are able to assign lessons and writing prompts to your students. Night Zookeeper has many exciting activities that provide grade-level specific lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and core writing skills, making it a full language arts curriculum for students from kindergarten to 6th grade.

When your child first enters the zoo, they will create their own Zookeeper avatar and their own magical animal that will live in the Night Zoo. They will then travel through the Night Zoo with Zookeeper Will completing as many lessons as possible and writing as much as possible to earn game awards and protect the zoo from the Lord of Nulth and his monsters. The more lessons they complete and the more words they write, the more awards they earn.

Lessons & Writing Prompts

There are many types of lessons with interactive video elements in the Night Zoo, including:

  • Writing Animal Reports
  • Sam’s Story Writing
  • The Persuasive Professor
  • Dialogue with Grudge
  • Bertie’s Explanations
  • Describing Characters with Maji
  • Night Zoo Spelling
  • Will’s Words
  • and many more

Each of the lessons is designed to teach key skills based on the age of your child. While working on the different types of lessons, children will learn new words helping them to develop a rich vocabulary, learn about the different genres of writing, and learn to use various styles of writing, all while earning awards to help them in their quest in the zoo.

Writing assignments include various writing styles, including freewriting, story writing, newspaper articles, report writing, poetry, writing instructions, letter writing, persuasive writing, diary entries, play scripts, and biographies. Teachers provide a tile and a due date, and the students do the rest.

Star Writing Challenge

Each month, students are encouraged to try the Star Writing Challenge, short writing challenges where students write alongside other students from other schools. Each challenge has a unique topic for children to use their creativity and write amazing pieces about. Winners of the monthly challenge win real-world prizes from the Night Zoo.

Students who provide the best performance and amazing pieces of writing will be featured in the Night Times, the monthly newsletter that includes the best work from the best students from around the world.

Night Zookeeper has been a game-changer for my students’ writing. They write more and have improved significantly as a result of using this engaging platform.” Matt Peebles
Forest Elementary, USA

Sign up for your 7-Day Free Trial

How much does Night Zookeeper cost?

This costs $59.99 for the year for a single child subscription and $77.99 for 2-3 children. More children can be added at a bespoke price. People who sign up get a free 7-day trial and then get 50% off on the yearly subscription. Your annual subscription includes all interactive lessons and free monthly educational printables.

I promise that your children will absolutely love this program. They can draw their own magical characters that go with them throughout the zoo. They will develop grammar skills while engaging in sentence-building games, short writing challenges, and many more exciting activities that help them to use these new words in longer, more complex sentences. They are challenged to put their learning into action, producing stories, reports, poems, and other styles of writing, which will live in a personal portfolio that can be shared with family, friends, and a global audience!

As they are working on their assignments, lessons, and writing, they get instant feedback on everything they write. They’re encouraged to improve their writing as they receive comments from Night Zookeeper characters, as well as personalized feedback from our team of educators.

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Night Zookeeper Partners and Awards

Night Zookeeper has been featured on the BBC, Skykids, and Wired magazine. It has also received the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Nomination, the London Book Fair Award, and the 2017 BETT Award (the Oscars for education).

Looking for an engaging program to make writing magical for your students? Then you need to explore this interactive language arts curriculum. It is guaranteed to improve your child's writing and literacy skills. Endorsed by teachers and aligned with USA and UK curricula. Start a free trial today!

Night Zookeeper Store

Visit the Night Zookeeper website to shop for their storybook series, learning resources, activity packs, and much more. Their series of storybooks set in the magical Night Zoo introduces children to a world of endless possibilities and provide the inspiration for much of the creativity that is produced on the website.