The TOP 25 NON Virtual Family Games to Play on Vacation

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We absolutely love playing games at home, but we especially adore challenging one another in a variety of games in the evenings while on vacation. We always like to bring games that don’t take up a lot of space in the suitcases.

virtual family games

We call it NON-Virtual Family Games!

When we go on vacation, I strongly discourage my family to play virtual family games of any sort. Now of course, I am only human, and allow them to play virtual games in the car to keep them busy. Traveling with 6 kiddos on a long road trip requires an enormous amount of patience and ear plugs.

Often we have a week-long marathon with a specific game going on amongst the family.  Whoever wins the most of that marathon game, wins a prize or doesn’t have to help unpack the car on the return trip. Yes, we are totally serious, but it’s all in FUN.

Here are the top 25 travel friendly non virtual family games.

  1. Blink
  2. Skip Bo
  3. Phase 10
  4. Spoons
  5. Uno
  6. Catch Phase
  7. Toss Up
  8. Farkle
  9. Five Crowns – this is new love of ours
  10. Left Right Center
  11. Yahtzee – just take the score sheets and dice
  12. Dominoes
  13. Bowling Dice
  14. Krazy Bee Rummy
  15. Mad Gab
  16. Regular Playing Cards
  17. Taboo
  18. Cribbage
  19. Backgammon
  20. Jenga
  21. Rack O
  22. Boggle
  23. Connect 4
  24. Pictionary
  25. Monopoly Deal

We usually pick 5 games to bring on each vacation. I have found that a lot of games come in travel sizes. By the way, its super FUN to have a challenge marathon with your hubbie. Mine hates to lose! We usually promise the loser a back massage.

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