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We had fun learning about the order of the colors in the rainbow with this easy Rainbow Paper Craft. 

 Rainbow Paper Craft

First we discussed the order of the rainbow. My kids didn’t remember this from the previous homeschool year. Also, it was a great review to talk about primary colors. I promised we would experiment with colors next week. It’s fun to leave them hanging for another FUN project and learning activity in the near future.

I asked my children why God created the rainbow and what a covenant met. We discussed that God promised to NEVER flood the entire earth again, but he never promised that there would be no flooding at all in various locations. I think this is an important concept for the children to understand to avoid the confusion of God not keeping his promises. God ALWAYS keeps his promises! 

The older boys did a notebook page on the word, covenant. 

 rainbow paper craft

Items Needed for this simple Rainbow Paper Craft

  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Fruit Loops
  • Mini Marshmallows 
  • Glue
  • Bowls for separating colors (my preschooler enjoyed this activity while I taught the lesson)

Rainbow Paper Craft

For my little princess, I put dots of glue on the paper to help her with the rainbow formation. I did the first color on each row of fruit loops so she could follow the pattern. The boys insisted on squashing the marshmallows for the clouds at the bottom of the rainbow. 

And yes, I had to refill the bowl of marshmallows twice because they loved them and I rarely buy them. 

It was a fun, but simple educational activity for the kids!

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