oday Doobie’s turns 6. Hard to believe that he is almost finished Kindergarten. He has requested pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs for dinner tonight. Our family tradition is that the boys get to eat birthday cake for breakfast. For some reason, Doobies requested “LEMON!” I guess he knew that no one would like it but him. So, he will enjoy his cake ,to say the least, by himself.

It’s a gloomy day here in the Dallas area. We are suppose to have some severe weather tonight again. I decided to study weather for the next couple of weeks. We started a lapbook. Hands of a child Also, their copywork consists of weather material.

My dh will be home late tonight but the birthday boys has requested that we watch Happy Feet as a family. Fun, Fun, Fun! I love movie night especially when it is rainy. Snuggling with dh, boys, and my favorite blankie always makes a perfect night. Well, actually, that would be when our darling two year old falls asleep. LOL!!