Intentional Quiet Time {Day 5} – 5 Day TOS Blog Hop –

Today I want to encourage you to make your quiet time a priority in your life, such as, water.

It doesn’t just happen!


The most devastating mistake that I have experienced was not getting back on track when I miss a day or two.  We are all human and have a full plate and wear many hats.

I stress to you!

Don’t let Satan win!

If you miss a day or two or even months at a time, get back in His Word today.  Don’t feel guilty about missing, that’s another one of Satan’s favorite schemes.  Repent and move on!

One of the greatest blessings to me that has inspired due to my early morning quiet time, is that my children see me in His Word.  They know when I have my Bible open not to bother me unless there is blood, and I mean a lot of blood.  Also, my 2 older children have developed their own quiet time each day without me requiring them to do so.

This my friends, is how the Holy Spirit works!  It brings tears to my eyes!  Our Lord is so powerful and gives new mercies everyday!

I encourage to keep a Disciple Notebook, so everything you need is right in one place to encounter the most precious time of your day, Intentional Quiet time with the Lord

  • Prayer – prayer notebook page
  • Scripture Memory
  • Bible – bible plan and notebook pages
  • Ministries – all my outside ministries information, for example, my nursery duty calendar with lists of number in case I need to find a sub, etc
  • Sermon Notes – ones that stand out to me
  • Misc – any poems, articles, or personal notes that have special meaning to me

Thank you for allowing me share my heart with you this week.  I pray it has blessed you as much as you all have blessed me with your comments.  They truly are encouraging to me.  And a few people have asked me if they can share this, Absolutely!  Please do!  Give Him all the glory!  These are His Words not mine.  Use this link to get all 5 Days of Intentional Quiet Time.

JOYfully Seeking Him,




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