FREE Martin Luther Inspiration Copywork Printable Set

 Have your children understand the definition of reformation with these inspirational copywork set. It covers numerous of inspirational from the man who has tremendously impacted my life. I grew up not reading the Bible but going to church every week. I am so very thankful for His Holy Word. Check out the list of Reformation Day activities and what we do on Halloween!     I created this Martin Luther Copywork for my email subscribers. Fill out in the form below and you {Read More}

FREE Pumpkin Patch Playdough Mats with Recipe!

My children think playdough mats are the coolest! I love to create them, too. It’s pumpkin season, so I thought it would be super FUN for the Princess to practice her number recognition and counting with these pumpkin playdough mats. And of course, we had to make pumpkin pie playdough to go along with these pumpkins playdough mats. The pumpkin pie playdough smells absolutely wonderful. My daughter learned quickly that it was not edible. I love making homemade playdough because it less expensive and it last a very {Read More}

FREE ABC Scavenger Hunt List!

My children get excited anytime I hand over a scavenger hunt list. And I get excited because it keeps them busy for a while. I decided to come up with an ABC scavenger hunt list for my little ones.  My 6 year old can practice writing his letters when he finds  an object that starts with that particular sound.  For more advanced children, they can actually write the object in the blank that they find. There are no REAL rules, just {Read More}

FREE Day of Atonement ebook lesson!

Grapevine Studies is offering a FREE Day of Atonement eLesson this month. And you won’t want to miss this freebie eLesson. The Highest Holy Day of the year during the time of Jesus was the Day of Atonement. This holy day has a great meaning for Christians today! Help your students discover that meaning with this free elesson!  Sale in September Grab your FREE Day of Atonement eLesson today! Read our wonderful experiences with Grapevine Studies. 

FREE The Water Cycle Worksheets and Resources

The Water Cycle is a fascinating science topic for kids. It’s so much more effective if you include fun worksheets, illustrations, and graphs with the unit. Also, it’s important to include the main vocabulary terms within the water cycle unit.   In this free The Water Cycle printable set I have included the following pages: KWL Chart Types of Clouds My Water Cycle book Vocabulary Chart Graphic Organizer The Water Cycle Song Some of our favorite Water Cycle Books     I {Read More}