FREE Planet Notebook Pages

Have your child leran about the solar system with these free planet notebook pages!

  What child isn’t fascinated with the Planets? I just remember just digging it when we studied the solar system in school. My children have followed in my curiosity.    I made these solar system notebook pages for my children. We are going to study one planet per week. They will put their planet notebook pages in their nature notebooks.  We will also learn about the sun and moon.   <A HREF=”;ServiceVersion=20070822&#038;MarketPlace=US&#038;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fblessebeyonda-20%2F8010%2F4fcd4b0b-a205-4a74-8c89-ec789c58efab&#038;Operation=NoScript”> Widgets</A>   Take a Peek!   I created these {Read More}

FREE Forest Friends PreK-K Printable

Over-in-the-Forest- Free Printable! So cute!

   Oh, you’re little ones will love this free printable pack from Tara at Embark on the Journey! It’s designed for PreK-Grade 1. This one is packed with brand new activity pages. While this printable was designed to be used with the book Over in the Forest, it can be used with any forest animal activities you have planned. Inside you’ll find the following activities:  Counting practice Handwriting practice Animal action cards Beginning sounds practice Coloring pages and more  Stop by Embark {Read More}

FREE Sketch N Stories Creative Writing Prompts- Summer Edition!

Sketch N Storiesis a FUN way to help get your kiddos to write this summer!

Do you  need some FUN creative writing prompts for your kiddos that won’t shed tears during the summer? I’ve got you covered. These Sketch N Stories printables are geared towards K-6th grade.  I have included (3) different notebook pages depending on your child’s writing skills with different sized lined spaces. My children had so much fun with these that I am going to make all different sets.  And of course, I will share them with your kiddos, too. I wrote {Read More}

FUN Grammar Practice for the whole Family!


Grammar practice lessons started ranking #1 in our homeschool when we started using Mad Libs. We usually each complete one on Friday and then discuss and have a big chuckle during lunch time.  It has helped all my children recognize the parts of speech in a creative form. If you haven’t started using Mad Libs in your home, you are missing out.  I loved them as a kid, and my children have followed in my footsteps. Here are several places {Read More}

FREE Shark Notebook Pages

Learn about 10 different common sharks with these free shark notebook pages. Happy Shark Week!

Shark Week is approaching! I thought it would be educational for my children to learn about several of the different types of common sharks since the world has dedicated a whole week to these interesting predators. So they must be pretty important, right? In fact, our society needs sharks.  There are several reasons we need sharks and they need us. Yes, I keep telling myself we need sharks after all the shark attacks in the last month. Yikes! I’ll let you explain that one {Read More}