The 5 Legalistic Myths of Homeschool Faith and Family Life!

homeschool faith and family

Is your homeschool faith and family life legalistic? I am sharing with you my honest thoughts about these subjects that will destroy your homeschool family and interfere with your homeschool faith. Unfortunately, our family only knows too well that these following opinions are not only damaging to your family, but to the homeschool community as well. I […]

FREE Pumpkin Patch Playdough Mats with Recipe!

Your children will have FUN with these  FREE pumpkin patch playdough mats! Be sure to make the awesome pumpkin pie playdough recipe, too!

My children think playdough mats are the coolest! I love to create them, too. It’s pumpkin season, so I thought it would be super FUN for the Princess to practice her number recognition and counting with these pumpkin playdough mats. And of course, we had to make pumpkin pie playdough to go along with these pumpkins playdough mats. The pumpkin pie playdough smells […]

Learn the Tools to Organize Your Notebooking Page!

Tools to Organize Your Notebooking Page

Our new homeschool year has been set up last month and it was a very long preparation. We prepare the space the classroom the people or the crew the curriculum  the planning itself. To support our curriculum work, we still use notebooking activities. We have been using notebooking activities since the first time we started […]

Mystery of History Supplements Sale

Mystery of History

    The Mystery of History supplements are 25% off in digital download format when you use the coupon code ANCIENT. Please see this blog post for a list of all the products eligible for this discount. Use of all discount codes is subject to the official coupon policy. Coupon codes are not case sensitive.

Grapevine Studies BUNDLE SALE!

Grapevine Studies

  We love Grapevine Studies!  My children have so much FUN drawing stick figures and always retain the Bible lesson.  Check out this great BUNDLE SALE from Grapevine Studies! Save BIG on teacher and student bundles.  And FREE SHIPPING in September! Read about our wonderful experiences with Grapevine Studies! Subscribe to my newsletter and get my eBook, Instilling Biblical Character:  100 […]