FREE Alphabetical Order Printables – Earth Day Edition!

Alphabetical order is a task that must be taught in the homeschool and school setting. My son is working on putting words in abc order, so I wanted to make him something that was FUN and festive.  This abc order printable pack contains words that start with a few of the same letters and are more advanced pages than the typical abc order lessons. I found it very easy to teach my gang this concept. Take a Peek! These festive FREE ABC {Read More}

FREE Earth Day Printables Pack – PreK thru 3rd Grade!

  Of course, you know I would create Earth Day printables for my little ones. Earth Day is on April 22! I created three different packs:  Preschool Part One, Preschool Part Two, and K-3rd, so the files would not be too large.  There are a total of 45 pages to keep your children busy. Topics Covered Letter’s Prewriting Practice Handwriting Numbers Skip Counting Puzzles Shapes I Can Write My Name Number Maze Word Searches What Comes Next? Which One’s Difference? {Read More}

FREE Learn Idioms Worksheets

I have always been a big fan of idioms. I just think they are FUN and make writing more creative when used in stories. I absolutely love Amelia Bedilas books to enforce the different meanings of the common idioms. They are the cutest books. My kids adore them, too. I created these Idioms worksheets with 9 of the common idioms and a blank one, so your student can make a new notebook page as they discover new ones. Take a {Read More}

The Ultimate List of Saint Patricks Day Resources and Ideas!

Here are 101+ Saint Patricks Day Resources and ideas that I put together to make this day super FUN for you and your children.  I am Irish, so I take wearing green seriously! Printables: St. Patrick’s Day Letter Tiles St. Patrick’s Day Spelling Test Printables! Learn the Sentence Printables– St. Patrick’s Day Edition! St. Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Jokes St. Patrick’s Day Counting Cards St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Pack St. Patrick’s Day Do a Dot St. Patrick’s Day Addition Worksheets St. Patrick’s {Read More}

FREE Shamrock Letter Tiles

Kids love hands on activities to help them with their educational experiences. We use letter tiles for letter recognition, learning sounds, and spelling.   I created these Shamrock letter tiles for my children to practice their spelling words after school. Also, the princess is learning her sounds, so she enjoys using these while the other children are completing their homework assignments. Just simply cut out the letter tiles and store in a ziplock baggie. There are several tiles for the more {Read More}