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Now that you have decided to homeschool your children, what on earth do you need?

Of course, you will not be able to purchase all these homeschool HOT  items, but you can add them over time.  Unless your homeschool budget is much grander than mine was, you can pick and choose which ones you can’t live without.

These have been compiled from numerous seasoned homeschoolers and we pretty much all said the same items were a MUST.

Here are the 25 HOT Homeschool Items

      1. Bible – we also really enjoy the dramatized bible on audio, this is not the one we have, but this one is FREE.
      2. Dry Erase Boards – we have a HUGE one in the schoolroom but have several little ones that we use daily.  And yes, we home school on the bed!
      3. A good Pencil Sharpener – (this is the one that I have in my own classroom)
      4. Globe – we use atlases, too. Check out this super cool globe and why you need one
      5. Library Card – we only have one family card.  All the children had their own at one time and it was a disaster.  We keep all library books in a basket or designated self. Check out this fun library scavenger hunt 
      6. Red Pens – I stock up during the Back to School sale at Walmart
      7. Flag – teach your child the Pledge of Allegiance, please!
      8. Good Planner – tons of free homeschool planners.
      9. A Schedule posted – not necessary with times, but in sequence order to everyone knows what to do next.
      10. 3 Hole Punch – someday when my ship comes in, I want an electric one.
      11. Laminator – this is my favorite item.  I use it all the time.
      12. Page Protectors – invest in good quality ones.  We make a lot of notebook pages. I use these in my classroom now
      13. Bible Tools – The children use a concordance, Bible dictionary, and other various tools to do research
      14. Mom Support Groupon-line and in real life.  This is so imperative because Satan will attack you and the yellow school bus will be so tempting!
      15. Stapler – and lots of staples.
      16. Scissors – a good pair for Mommy.
      17. A printer that has a copier – I use this feature all the time!
      18. Sticky Notes – I use the little ones as bookmarks in all teacher guides, so I know where we left off instantly.
      19. Binders – we like the white ones with a slip sleeve, so they can create their own cover.
      20. Book Shelves – over the years you will build a library.  Also, each one of my children has their own shelf to store all their homeschool books.
      21. Label Maker – I am addicted!
      22. Pencils – more than you could ever imagine
      23. Local Homeschool Group –  get your children involved and participate in field trips, projects, and activities.
      24. 1828 Dictionary – we use this for word studies.  One of my favorite resources
      25. Crayons/Map Colors– I buy an enormous amount during the Back to School sales

Of course, I am sure you could think of many other things that would be helpful, but these are the ones that were the most popular among the homeschool community.
If you are new to homeschooling or are on the fence, read How to Homeschool – 10 Steps! Also, don’t ruin your homeschool asI did with these 7 silly ways.
What are your favorite top homeschool items in your homeschool?