One Pot Low Carb Beef Broccoli Recipe

This is one of my new low carb staple recipes. It’s a simple, but tasty beef broccoli recipe that whips up in minutes. How to Make the Delicious Beef Broccoli Recipe Ingredients 2 lbs of of ground beef 1.5 lbs of frozen broccoli  (2) 16 oz jars of Alfredo Sauce (I use Walmart brand) 2 T of Italian Seasoning 1 T of garlic powder Directions Ground the beef in a big skillet with the seasoning, drain the fat. Add the broccoli and {Read More}

DIY Inexpensive Father’s Day Present

Need an inexpensive Father’s Day gift that is meaningful? We’ve got your covered. Print one of these Father’s Day Word Art and place in a frame of your choice.  Easy peasy, huh? I created two different printables that you can choose from. One is simply black and white and the other printable is created in warm colors. I went to the dollar store to buy a frame. If you want a nicer frame than go for it. I thought even if {Read More}

The Best DIY Homemade All Purpose Cleaner Recipe!

I have been making this EASY homemade all-purpose cleaner recipe for at least 6 years. It works like a charm! I have trained all my children on how to make this super easy homemade all purpose cleaner recipe. It’s that easy! And it totally fits into our simple budget. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell because it evaporates within seconds. I have to admit, it did take a few days for the kids to get used to the smell, but now they {Read More}

The TOP 25+ Summer Items to get at the Dollar Store!

  Yes, I am addicted to getting summer items at the dollar store. I have a list of seasonal items that I like to grab each time I make the FUN trip to my local dollar store. Here are my TOP Summer Items for a Buck Sunscreen – this is my all time favorite item and  Kites – especially for those beach trips in the breezy evenings Goggles – I buy numerous ones because they are always losing them Sidewalk chalk – practice {Read More}

How to Find the Cheapest RX in your Area!

This post was written in partnership with SearchRx. All opinions are 100% my very own. I am a single mom without insurance at this given time.  Sore subject, I know, but it is what it is. So it’s imperative that when I have a prescription to fill, that I find the very least expensive prescription available in my area.  Some don’t know it, but the price of prescription medications can vary greatly between pharmacies – even between pharmacies in the same {Read More}