How to Find the Cheapest RX in your Area!

This post was written in partnership with SearchRx. All opinions are 100% my very own. I am a single mom without insurance at this given time.  Sore subject, I know, but it is what it is. So it’s imperative that when I have a prescription to fill, that I find the very least expensive prescription available in my area.  Some don’t know it, but the price of prescription medications can vary greatly between pharmacies – even between pharmacies in the same {Read More}

7 Tips to Dumpster Dive Safely and Legally Like a Pro!

You might have heard all about dumpster diving, and think it is just for people who are in desperate situations. But the truth is more and more people are giving dumpster diving a try, as they see it can be a valuable way to turn someone else’s trash into their treasure.   In fact, I found all my boxes in a dumpster when I moved last year. I simply asked the management if I could dumpster dive for boxes. He {Read More}

DIY Plastic Easter Egg – Digraph Activity!

I used to love playing with plastic Easter eggs as a child. I instilled one of my childhood passions into my kids. I also love the fact that you can purchase those colorful plastic eggs so cheaply. In fact, I saw them at the dollar store yesterday. They had some really cute ones. The princess is still working on her number recognition during our homeschool days with the plastic Easter eggs I made last week for her. What you Need {Read More}

Easter Counting Activity

I love providing my children with hands on activities. It’s just makes learning so much more FUN and meaningful when you provide them with sensory activities. I picked up a few items on the Easter aisle at Walmart last week and decided that I would make the princess something to help her with her basic counting. She knows her numbers, but found the activity a lot of FUN. I’m sure the jelly beans had a tad bit to do with it, {Read More}

How to Make Homemade Slime – Shiny Gold

I’m not sure who enjoys the homemade slime more, but it’s become an addiction in our home. We love making different colors for some festive fun. The children love to gather all the material before starting. They think it’s so FUN to make as well as play with for hours! A lot of the time, they just love the texture and feel of the homemade slime while reading or watching TV. I usually double the recipe because I love to {Read More}