FREE St Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages for All Ages

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that I don’t really ever remember studying. All I remember from my school days is…WEAR GREEN!! It seems that any learning that day was overshadowed by time spent scanning the classroom and/or playground for who you were going to pinch next – or who was coming to pinch you, should have forgotten to wear any green that day. Then you had to be creative and say it was on your “underwear” or if you had a nice enough teacher, she would help you color a shamrock and pin it to your shirt.

FREE St Patricks Day Coloring Pages

While I might not remember studying about the history of the day in school, I do remember doing lots of thematic papers related to this (and every other) holiday. And one of my very favorite things to do growing up – and even now – is color!! I know it might seem weird for a grown woman to love coloring, but I do. I love creating beautiful pictures from a simple black and white image. So far my boys do not share my enthusiasm for coloring. But my girls – even though they are only 2 and 3 – love all things related to coloring…and stickers.

And since I have a wide range of children who are all in different stages of their learning, I have created three different sets of coloring pages to fit any stage of learning or coloring enthusiast! The three sets include 20 pages of coloring images. One set is plain with just the coloring image. The manuscript and cursive sets have printed  and cursive words or phrases, respectively that are related to St. Patrick’s Day and the pictures.

Use these in conjunction with a St. Patrick’s Day unit study, for down time or to create your own St. Patrick’s Day mural of coloring pages around the room (or house). However you choose to use them – just have fun and be creative!!

FREE St Patricks Day Coloring Pages2





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  1. These are truly amazing! Thank you soo much for sharing! I look forward to creating a colorful collage on our art wall this weekend. i can totally relate to the “only thing i remember was WEAR GREEN and who was coming” for a visit lol!!!

    • A colorful collage sounds like a wonderful idea, Jeanine!!! I’m so glad you like them and hope you all enjoy them!! Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  2. i was looking for coloring pictures for st Patricks as my child school teacher asked for it

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