FREE Happy New Year Math Puzzles !

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Hurry and grab these FUN Happy New Years Math Puzzles!


This packet contains over 100 math puzzles, worksheets, games and counting tables, ideally suited to Grades 1 to 4, but can be used for older or younger children, depending on their literacy fluency.

The packet contains:

Maths Square Challenges, basic facts math, with which the level of difficulty increases as the puzzles go along.

Number Block puzzles, again the level of difficulty increases, with the initial puzzles only containing integers 0-5, and then 1-6 and so on.

Math Counting Grids are basic grid puzzles, where the child needs to count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s etc, up to a certain number.   The challenge of the puzzles increases as one goes along.

The Match Chip Game is included as a fun (cut and paste) challenge which will have the child focusing on how to get the puzzle pieces to where they need to be according to the instructions.  Will assist with critical thinking skills.   Two levels of this game have been included with instructions on how to make the game more or less challenging depending on your requirements.

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