Candy Corn place value worksheet and more!

Who doesn’t love candy corn?

FREE Math Candy Corn Math Activities Worksheets

FREE printable place value worksheet


I decided to create a candy corn place value worksheet to help my little ones comprehend place value during our homeschool day.  I printed it out and placed it in a page protector, so he can write the numbers in the correct places.  I write with a dry eraser the number in the upper top box. Then. he places the candy corn in the large spaces and writes the place value in the bottom boxes.

Free candy corn number cards

My lil’ kindergartner is having trouble recognizing his numbers. I created candy corn number cards to help reinforce the numbers 1-20.  Just print them out on card stock and have your child place the candy corn with the correct number.  My lil’ guy can count, but has trouble telling me the names of the numbers.

There are many FUN math activities worksheet printables here.

Here are few Candy Corn Hands On Math Ideas that we are having fun with this week.

  • Estimate – have your child guess how many are in the jar.  Practice recognizing numbers in set.
  • Sorting – have your little homeschool child sort the autumn mix into a muffin tin.
  • Adding/Subtracting – you can even use the candy corn printable number cards and mix adding/subtracting problems.
  • Story Problems – make up candy corn word problems.

I am sure you can think of many more FUN ideas to practice math with candy corn, but these are just a few simple ones that make our homeschool day festive and SWEET!

You are welcome to print the candy corn place value worksheet and candy corn number cards and share with others. It’s the reason I made them!

Please if you choose to share, be sure to link to the blog post and not directly to the printables.

Happy F’all Y’all!

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