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I must admit I refused to participate in all the excitement of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In all honestly, I much rather just donate to this needy cause than to act silly.

Yes, call me Scrooge!

I do realize people were having FUN for a wonderful cause. I truly think it was awesome, but I just didn’t feel like getting cold ice poured on my head. 

So yay to you if you participated!

However, just like everything else in this world….some people took it too far.

A group of Bay Village High School students are in trouble after playing a cruel prank on their 15-year-old autistic classmate.

Police say the students convinced their classmate to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

However, instead of filling the bucket with ice water they filled it with urine and spit. Then while recording, the bucket was dumped from a roof and onto the special needs teenager. The video was later posted to Instagram. 

Read more of the story.

I do believe God works all things for good, as he did in this one case.

GiveForward is the world’s #1 fundraising site for helping people in need. They help people come together and give support when they need it most. Since 2008, they have helped families raise over 120 million to help cover their expenses during hard times or honor the people that they care about.

GiveForward wants to teach people that there is a place to go when we see tragedy or injustice in the world. They don’t want people to be bystander’s

You can act NOW!

Let’s rally together to show this brave soul that we we’re all behind him and that we think he is awesome for speaking out.  The money we raise will go directly to his family, but far more important than any financial contribution, please leave words of support on his GiveForward page so that he knows that he’s not alone in this fight.

No one deserves to be treated like this.

The goal is 1000 comments on this page.

Lastly, love only triumphs if we all share it.

So… If you believe that this young man is awesome and you want to let him know, please share this with your friends on Facebook. 

Let’s help prove that …Love is BIGGER than Hate!