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This is one of my new low carb staple recipes. It’s a simple, but tasty beef broccoli recipe that whips up in minutes.

I stock up on these ingredients in case I need to make dinner in a pinch. It’s simply perfect with your favorite salad.

My kids love this simple low carb one pot broccoli beef dinner. You can go wrong with this easy and quick dinner either. 

beef broccoli recipe

How to Make the Delicious Beef Broccoli Recipe



Ground the beef in a big skillet with the seasoning, drain the fat. Add the broccoli and Alfredo sauce in the skillet. Cook until the broccoli is cooked. Serve with a salad.

Serves 8.

It freezes wonderfully, too!

Sometimes I double the recipe and heat it up in the slow cooker for another simple meal.

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You will be serving a quick, but satisfying meal with this delicious beef broccoli recipe.