Heart Lessons from Spring Cleaning

Lessons from Spring Cleaning | Jennifer at BlessedBeyondADoubt.com

With the warmer weather and sunshine, the dust seems all the more obvious gathered on the tables, windowsills, and knick-knacks scattered about. Plenty of dust also settled in my heart this winter. I struggled with the early sunsets and cold, dreary days. As I make natural cleaners to safely remove the dust, dirt, and grime from my floors and other surfaces, I also realize I must invest in a dust removal system for my soul. Spring is a time of new {Read More}

A Common Church Dilemma: How Your Leaders and Families Can Make a Difference

It's not just the leaders who are responsible for this common church dilemma. Do you agree?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. I believe this is an area where all church members are responsible….not just leaders. The church is the body, not a building. I imagine I am sensitive to making young adults and families feel welcome during a church event or worship service because I was saved as an adult with small children. I distinctly remember the warmth we felt as we entered the door on that first Sunday going {Read More}

Serve Your Pastor as a Family! (Free Printables)

Printables and ideas to help your family bless your pastor.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Make some plans as a family to serve your pastor in the next few weeks. It will not only bless your pastor, but will be a great bonding and learning experience for your kids any month of the year! Pray for Your Pastor Download these weekly prayer cards and use them during mealtimes or family devotions. Simply print and cut them out. You can attach them together with yarn or a book ring. You could {Read More}

Do You Believe Love is BIGGER Than Hate? Then Read This!

Simply leave a comment and tell this brave Autism boys he's AWESOME!

This post was written on behalf of Sverve. All opinions are 100% my own. I must admit I refused to participate in all the excitement of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In all honestly, I much rather just donate to this needy cause than to act silly. Yes, call me Scrooge! I do realize people were having FUN for a wonderful cause. I truly think it was awesome, but I just didn’t feel like getting cold ice poured on my head.  So {Read More}

The 5 Legalistic Myths of Homeschool Faith and Family Life!

homeschool family's_slider

Is your homeschool faith and family life legalistic? I am sharing with you my honest thoughts about these subjects that will destroy your homeschool family and interfere with your homeschool faith. Unfortunately, our family only knows too well that these following opinions are not only damaging to your family, but to the homeschool community as well. I can’t say that our family was guilty of all these myths or narrow-minded beliefs, but several of them were enough to cause our family to repent. {Read More}

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