My One Word for 2018

I’ve debated sharing my one word for 2018 with others due to the possible reactions I might receive. After pondering  my one word for the last couple of weeks, I decided that sharing my one word was the first step to my journey. My one word is self-love. I’m not happy with me. Of course, I’m not about to jump off the nearest bridge or anything, but my joy in all areas has been sneaking away from me for years. {Read More}

What is a Jesse Tree? FREE Printables!

Many people ask this time of year, “What is a Jesse Tree?”   The Jesse Tree gets its name from the verses in Isaiah 11: 1. There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse, And a Branch shall grow out of his roots. The Jesse Tree is a FUN way to explain the story of Jesus’ genealogy and the history of God’s plan of salvation. It starts with creation to the birth of Jesus, concentrating on the {Read More}

10 FUN Jesus Birthday Party Ideas!

Jesus birthday party helps teach your little ones the true meaning of Christmas. Each year we make a big deal out of it.  Just as we make a big deal out of each child’s special day.   Here are some FUN Jesus Birthday Party Ideas Bake a Jesus birthday cake (we make it on Christmas Eve) Decorate the house with balloons, advent chain, and these posters Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blow out candles Play Pin the Hay in {Read More}

Create a Thanksgiving Blessing Journal as a Keepsake!

Eight years ago, I started a Thanksgiving Blessing journal for our family.  Each person that we celebrate and spend the day with on Thanksgiving is encouraged to write their blessings in the journal. It travels with us. Each one has it’s own unique handwriting they call their own. Keepsakes that will be admired by generations. Some entries short, some long. I anticipate each Thanksgiving day reading and reminiscing the past blessings year after year. It makes me laugh. It makes {Read More}

4 Ways Deepening Your Faith Can Improve Your Life!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Linkvehicle. Although 84 percent of the world’s population professes some kind of faith, most people do not spend as much time nurturing and growing their beliefs as they would like. It is easy to be too distracted by the stresses and obligations of everyday life to make practicing one’s spirituality a priority.   However, you stand to enjoy numerous benefits if you focus on strengthening your faith. Some of these benefits are {Read More}