7 Signs of a Spoiled Child

signs of a spoiled chilc

I have often seen the signs of a spoiled child in my own children. More than I like to recall, I have overlooked the obvious.  Call it denial or plain out laziness. But I am to blame for my children portraying signs of a spoiled child on a consistent basis. Of course, kids are going to be kids. They were born sinners just like all of us. It’s only natural for children to think that the world evolves around them.  However, {Read More}

20 Hands On Preschool Activities for Literacy and Math

Need FUN hands-on-preschool-activities ? Check out 20 FUN preschool activities

We’re starting on preschool for the fourth time in my house. This one will be our last, but we plan to make it super fun and special! I have been scouring the internet to find the best learning ideas, gathering tips, figuring out what does and does not work for my little one. While my daughter has special needs and has an extra need for hands-on preschool activities, I completely believe that preschool should be a hands-on experience for every {Read More}

FREE PreK and Kindergarten Math Printables – Googly Eye Counting

A super FUN way to practice number recognition and counting. These baby monsters are so cute and are nothing scary.

My daughter who is 4 is still learning to recognize her numbers. These free preK and kindergarten math printables keep her busy while learning number recognition and counting. Here’s how these PreK and kindergarten math printables – Googly Eyes Works I just put a googly eyes in a little bowl for her to place the number of googly eyes in the big bubbly numbers. This helps with number recognition, counting and gross motor skills. I laminated the counting mats and was able to laminate 2 {Read More}

FREE Mayflower Preschool Pack

Mayflower set

 It’s my favorite time of year especially to make printables for my little ones. I love the teaching my kids about The Mayflower. I usually spend the entire month reading literature, studying history,  doing crafts, and teaching my children to be thankful. I don’t believe you can read to many books on the subject either.    Amazon.com Widgets This FUN Mayflower Preschool Packs Includes: Letter and number recognition Sequencing Smaller and larger I can write my name Puzzles Poetry I {Read More}

FREE Circle the Letter Printables

Circle the letter

My 4 year old is working diligently this year on letter recognition. She adores worksheets because she feels big life her 5 bubbas. There are 26 pages which includes all letters in the alphabet. The directions are simple and the child will need little or no help. These FUN Circle the Letter will help reinforce letter recognition with lower and upper case letters. The princess has also been having a ball with these FREE Color the Sounds  printable pack. I {Read More}