FREE Football Spelling Test Printables!

FREE Football Spelling Test Printables. Perfect for weekly pretests or homeschool families.

I’m not sure about your kiddos, but mine love to display their Spelling Tests on the refrigerator. So I decided to make these football Spelling Test Printables for my children. Even though my kids are now in public school, we still use these fun printables for pretests.   There are (6) different pages to choose from depending on what spelling level your child falls into. The more advanced pages have space for dictation. You can use these Football Spelling Printables with any {Read More}

DIY Instant Oatmeal Packs

instant oatmeal packs 2

These simple DIY instant oatmeal packs has made my mornings brighter.  Yes, I have a little pet peeves with those little instant oatmeal packs.  It makes me bonkers how little oatmeal comes in those pouches. Needless to say, my 5-year-old needs at least 2 packets to have her little tummy filled with oatmeal each morning. And with comes packets, comes paper and a mess on the counter. I probably would be able to handle the mess if I only had {Read More}

Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Stay In Their Bed At Night!

How to keep your toddlers in their own bed without pulling your hair out.

Every parent has struggled at one point with getting their kids to sleep at night, and these tips for getting your toddler to stay in their bed at night are going to save the day. I only wish it didn’t take me 6 kids to figure these tips out.  Whether you have transitioned to a toddler bed, or your child is just finally moving out of your room to their own, you can manage to keep them in their room {Read More}

FREE Minnie Mouse Chore Charts!

FREE Minnie Mouse Chore Chart with incentive bucks for a cheerful attitude.

What girl wouldn’t want to mark their FUN Miniie Mouse Chore Chart and gain cheerful bucks for having a good attitude while doing their daily chores? There are a lot of chore charts out there, but I wanted this one to be a tad different. It’s so important to me as a parent to teach my children that work is a good thing and that we all must complete it diligently and with a cheerful attitude. I created a cheerful attitude box at the bottom {Read More}

Minions Banana Berry Bars

Make these yummy Minions banana berry bars! You will be the cool mom on the block.

Minions are everywhere! And I think they are adorable, and so do my kiddos. There is nothing more FUN than having a snack after school with the beloved little Minions characters. Yes, you will score if you make these Minions Banana Berry Bars. I love how easy they are, too!  How to Make Minions Banana Berry Bars   Ingredients 1 bag of marshmallows 3 T butter 4 cups of minion banana berry cereal (available at Walmart) 1 cup blue and yellow M&M’s {Read More}