Giving Back during Back to School!

This year was the first year I participated in the annual Giving Back Packs Event hosted at Real Advice Gal. She and her team members coordinate this event with an unselfish heart. It’s a blessing to me to be able to participate along with my children. In all honesty, I have no idea why I haven’t participated before in the annual Giving Back Packs Event. It’s right up my alley. I totally understand the back to school stress that can take {Read More}

57 First Year College Necessities Printable Check List that you can’t live without!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Procter & Gamble. All opinions are 100% my very own. Back to school is such an exciting but extremely busy time of year. With the smell of new books, paper, and crayons, we can become as high as a kite. I always loved that unique smell as a child and still love to browse the school supply section at the local stores when I’m not dodging all the other insane moms {Read More}

5 Fall Chores Your Kids Can Do to Earn Money!

Ask any kid and they will tell you that they want to earn their own money. Children aren’t born without a work ethic, but what they have needs to be developed and nurtured. To help nurture that, they need chores and they need to be rewarded by having the opportunity to earn money of their own. Being able to earn from an early age quickly connects in their minds that working for money equals being able to have the things that they want in {Read More}

How You Can Make a Difference in Kid’s Eating Healthy including your own!

This post was sponsored by Y-USA as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Being a single mom and being responsible for feeding my three boys and princess healthy meals can be somewhat of a challenge. It takes planning, organization, and time.  With all the negativity in this world, God still is working behind the scenes to provide for the needs of children. I participated in one out of the three-day Food Desert Challenges with my family. I admit having more {Read More}

FREE First Day of School Signs

The first day of school is approaching quickly! And of course, we want to show all of our family and friends how adorable your children are on Facebook, right?   Whether you homeschool or send your children to school, it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t show off your blessings on the first day of school. Just print out the ones you need so you don’t exhaust all your black ink. And be creative with your photos, so your kiddos {Read More}