Candy Corn Pretzels Melts

Oh my goodness! These candy corn pretzel melts are the best of both worlds. Sweet and salty, but so simple to make. I suggest you make them when your kids are not home and hide them. Not that this kind-hearted mama would ever do such a thing. I just think these fall treats are adorable. They are so festive, and you can make them ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.  How to Make Candy Corn Pretzel Melts Ingredients {Read More}

Hurry! FREE Finding Dory DVD while Supplies Last!

Walmart is selling a Finding Dory DVD for $19.96 for pre-order. TopCashback’s offering $21.95 cashback on the purchase of one DVD, effectively making a copy of the epic adventure a wonderful freebie. Further information on this special Walmart cashback deal is described on its custom TopCashback page. Hurry! These freebies run out quickly! Please note only NEW TopCashback members are eligible for this promotion; existing members are welcome to introduce friends and family to TopCashback and ask them to order and share the freebie. 

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Thanksgiving

Keeping your pet safe on Thanksgiving Day can quickly turn into a stressful situation, especially if you have a house full of family and friends. Your furry little friends can have a tendency to get a bit anxious due to the large crowd and excessive noise. Many times in the past while busy in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving feast, I had a tendency to not take the proper measure to assure pet safety.  I prepare most of my Thanksgiving cooking ahead of time, which cuts {Read More}

To Die For Baked Pumpkin Casserole

We had this baked pumpkin casserole the other night and all I can say….it was AWESOME! My children literally thought it was a dessert and were thrilled when I told them they could eat it before their chicken and broccoli were gone. Yes, I scored points that night! Yes, I am one of those mean mom’s that makes my kids eat their meat and veggies before the carbs.     Best Recipe for Baked Pumpkin Casserole  Ingredients 2 c of canned pumpkin 2 eggs, {Read More}

How Swiffer Cleaned NYC!

New York City always offers so many fascinating activities and entertainment opportunities. I must admit, I probably don’t find the city as glorious as most because I grew up in the New England States, and going to NYC was a norm. My grandparents lived in the city so we were able to spend many weekends with them there. But I must confess that I had an absolutely outstanding and entertaining time visiting with my Swiffer Fanatic friends and catching up with the newest {Read More}