10 Interesting Facts About Alaska you should Know

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Aunt Phil’s Trunk. All opinions are 100% my very own. I’ll be honest, I never had a desire to visit Alaska until a few years ago. I had friends that went on an Alaskan cruise and immediately fell in love with this breath-taking state. Their photos were absolutely stunning. Also, Adam took his mom on an amazing Alaskan cruise for her 70th birthday this past May. He is insisting we go {Read More}

19 Hot Chocolate Recipes that will make you Happy!

Indulging in a piping cup of Hot Chocolate is one of those beloved memories that I have as a child. Over the years, I have developed many fun traditions with my own children. One of my children’s favorite hot beverage is hot chocolate. As a child, we called it hot chocolate, but as I got older I realized that others called it hot cocoa. So whatever you want to call it….works for me. These simple homemade hot cocoa recipes are {Read More}

FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Printable Pack – PreK and K!

I believe teaching our children about Martin Luther King, Jr is essential in their education. My children have a hard time grasping this concept because they honestly don’t see anything different about African-Americans except that their skin is darker than ours as Caucasian. It’s a tough subject to teach, but my children need to learn the truth.  Unfortunately, the world does not see all races as equal which is oblivious to me. I must prepare my children to preach the {Read More}

FREE 2018 Monthly Printable Calendars

Time flies when you are having a FUN, huh? I experienced many ups and downs this past year, but one thing is for sure. God’s ways are better than my ways. My hope in Him has kept me afloat this year. My one word for 2018 is self-love. I debated on sharing my word with others, but came to the realization that it’s the first step towards my journey. Being a single mom, teacher, and blogger keeps me busy. I {Read More}

11 Simple Tips Guaranteed to an Organized 2018

Organization is the key to productivity. I strive on it. It makes me happy! I’m not so much of a clean freak, but I can’t stand clutter. We have a very small house. We lost over 1000 square feet when we moved back in February. Needless to say, I knew I had to make changes in order for me to successfully function as a mother, teacher, and maintain my full-time blog.  Yes, I do sleep most nights.  Organization must be {Read More}