Replica OMEGA Speedmaster 3510.50

Writing regarding the Replica Omega Speedmaster Lowered 3510.50.00 is like trying to create about a classic muscle car. Words fail you and you fall back on cliche - classic, understated, collectable, impressive.

The Replica Omega Speedmaster Specialist may be the moon watch, the a single function by Buzz Aldrin around the initial moon walk. The Speedmaster Reduced Automatic may be the post-moon watch. It really is a stunning reduction of everything we enjoy regarding the Pro with none from the manual winding hassle. Using a stark black face and wonderful white baton hands, the Reduced makes it possible for you to personal a piece of history though making the leap into a new era.

The OMEGA Speedmaster Automatic Ref. 3510.50 is often referred to as "lean" due to its size. 38.5mm in diameter is slightly smaller than the average diameter of a modern watch, although not an extreme thing compared to a chronograph. The distance from lug to lug is only 45mm, which is the most important figure for a watch on the wrist. In addition, the dimensions from the case to the top of the hemispherical octahedral crystal are all under 12mm, which is impressive for an automatic chronograph. The snap-back caseback bears the engraved Omega seahorse motif. Water-resistant to 30m, it is firmly located in the "hand-washing" area.

Almost any watch with white hands above a black dial is easy to read, and the Speedmaster Automatic is no exception. sa stone crystals create some light distortion and cloudiness around them, but make sure the rest of the dial is easy to read. The frosted black dial may appear off-white in very bright light, but all six white hands are legible regardless of the light. Hours are marked in luminescent batons, with a minute and a second difference between each minute.

replica omega speedmaster 3510.50


Hopefully. First of all, the size of the watches differ from eachother. Where the Replica Omega Speedmaster Pro measures 42mm (diameter), the Speedy Reduced is a tad bit smaller with its 38mm

Movement – Automatic versus Manual

Also, the movement is quite different! This explains the difference in dial lay-out as well. As you can see on the pictures, the sub dials are quite far away from the center on the Speedy Reduced where the sub dials on the ‘Moonwatch’ are closer to the center pinion. The Speedy Reduced also has the wording ‘Automatic’ on its dial and features the minutes in Arabic numerals at each hour marker. Below, an image of the hand-wound movement of the Replica Omega Watches Speedmaster Professional.

A lot of jewels – Piggy Back Movement

This explains the high number of jewels (46) in this movement. The use of these so-called piggy back movement is easy to identify by looking at the watch from the side. The winding crown and chronograph pushers are not aligned. The crown is positioned a bit lower, as you can see in the picture below.

Omega Speedmaster replica Reduced 3510.50.00 Wrist for Men employs Automatic movement and Silver Stainless Steel band. Black dial brings you great reading experience. Besides, the watch is also equipped with Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal. It is high time to get this Round shape watch!