Shopping for back to school clothes can be such a tedious and expensive process. Not only will you have to get the kids on board trying on clothing but you will have to figure out how to not go broke when you venture out to do some back to school clothes shopping for the family. Even though COVID is still a big concern, our kids still need back to school clothes. I’m not sure about you, but I require my children to wear actual clothes instead of pajamas during the school day. It just helps keep some sort of routine.

Be sure to check out these incredibly easy back to school shopping tips that will save you big money. Check out #4. #backtoschoolclothesshoppingtips #backtoschoolhacks

Today I’m going to share some hacks to help you save money, sanity, and time when it comes to back to school clothes shopping with kids. Being a teacher, I’m always looking for ways to save money on back to school items.

Back to School Clothes Shopping Hacks

Figured Out What You Can Reuse
The starting point with back to school shopping is to always figure out what you can reuse. Some kids grow faster than others, this means some of your kids may be able to wear some of last year’s school clothes. So make a list of what each child has to avoid duplication on back to school shopping.

Look For Sales
Always look for sales before you even think about heading out for back to school clothes shopping in your Sunday newspaper. You may be able to find warehouse deals, clearance rack deals, and other sales that are only being hosted at specific times as a means to save the most money on school clothes.

Shop Early
You should plan on going back to school clothes shopping earlier in the day and season. This means you may have to look harder for back to school seasonal clothing, but it will help you find the best deals that you can get your hands on before other parents start back to school clothes shopping.

Consider Drugstores, Dollar Stores and Thrift Stores
Don’t underestimate what you can find at the local drugstores like Walgreens or CVS and dollar stores as well as thrift stores. These stores quite often have some amazing deals on back to school supplies as well as clothes that will work well for your kids this school season.

Wait Until After School Starts
If all else fails one back to school shopping hack that saved us the most money is going back to school clothes shopping after the school season has started. This allows you to take advantage of the clearance deals that go on sale after the back to school shopping rush has ended.

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Be sure to check out these incredibly easy back to school shopping tips that will save you big money. Check out #4. #backtoschoolclothesshoppingtips #backtoschoolhacks

Using my back to school shopping hacks shared today will help you and the kids get what you want at a reasonable price. It’s not easy gathering up those kids to get back to school clothes, especially as they get older and start to develop a preference for specific brands or styles of clothing. I have a 13 and 10-year-old that literally makes me cray cray when shopping for clothes. I’m convinced that’s one of the reasons God created wine.

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