National Adoption Month

We’re the Akin’s and we’re crazy.

Why you ask?

Because we keep adding kids to our family and it costs about $30,000 each time!

In all seriousness, the world considers us crazy but we like to use the word blessed. We are in the process of our second international adoption from China. We adopted Peter in January 2013. He became our 4th child, had just turned 10, and he brought the silliness back to our family.

It hasn’t always been easy but he’s so worth it. We would be willing to pay a million dollars for him!

We are about 5-6 weeks from adopting our second child from China.

Please help bring Elise to her new home in China this Christmas. Read the sweet story.

Elise will turn 10 in December and we cannot wait for her to become an official Akin.

When you first adopt, you see the hopelessness in these children’s eyes, faces, and how they act. To see Peter now feel part of a family and to have a hope for his future it’s an amazing thing to witness.

We are very excited to walk this same road with Elise.

The challenges are great but the reward is greater. We cannot wait to see a true smile light up on her face, to hear her giggle with a big sister in their room, to experience being spoiled by grandparents, and to go to sleep each night with the contentment that she is loved and wanted.

We are $5000 from meeting our financial goal to travel.

We thank you for partnering with us to help give Elise a future and us a chance to be this sweet little girls parents.

 Christmas Planner

When you buy this simple, but effective Christmas Planner for 4.99, all the proceeds will be directly to Elise Adoption fund. 

Christmas Planner 2015
Christmas Planner 2015
This simple Christmas Planner will keep your organized and completely sane this holiday season. Stay on your budget this year. Have a blessed holiday season! Jill

If you are unable to help financially at this time, we totally understand. We would be so grateful if you would pray for bringing Elise safely home this Christmas.

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