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What boy (and even some girls) does not love Hotwheel cars and racecars? I know that my boys did, and my husband tells me all the time how he used to have entire cities set up in his playroom as a child.

Some of you may even be NASCAR fans. My husband has a collection of NASCAR diecast cars that he cherishes. His favorite drivers have been Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson, not to mention, of course, Dale Earnhardt. He still remembers watching the race when Dale Earnhardt died in a horrific crash.

In addition to toy cars and racecars, what child does not love to color? I am sharing 15 fun racecar coloring pages for your children to enjoy. You can download them below.

Do your kids love to play with cars? Do you and your kids love to watch NASCAR? Well, here are some fun racecar coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.

Brief History of NASCAR

NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and it was founded by Bill Frances, Sr., in 1948. The company is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Among each of NASCAR’s 3 racing leagues, Cup Series, XFINITY Series, and Camping World Truck Series, it holds over 1,500 races each year on over 100 tracks in the lower 48 states.

The Cup Series is the highest level of professional racing in NASCAR, and the XFINITY Series is the second-highest level of competition.

The Cup Series and XFINITY Series use stock cars, and the Camping World Series uses modified pick-up trucks. In each league, drivers race using Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota cars. Dodge, Buick, Plymouth, and Pontiac were once also used in NASCAR. Currently, they race the Chevy Camaro ZL1, Ford Mustang, and Toyota TRD Camry. NASCAR‘s website lists the various cars raced throughout the years.

NASCAR racecars are known as stock cars. What is a stock car? Historically, a stock car is a car that has not been modified since it was built in the factory. In the early years of stock car racing, racecars were regular cars that raced on dirt tracks. However, today, there is nothing stock about a stock car (Robert Duvall, Days of Thunder). Today’s stock cars are modified to reach speeds over 200 mph (miles per hour) with a power output of 750 to 800 horsepower. Now that is a lot of power if you ask me!

Don’t you think it would be fun to drive one of these cars? Well, you actually can. Different race tracks allow tours of the tracks and pits, and some even host driving events. If you are truly interested, you can also sign up to drive through the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience or the NASCAR Racing Experience. My husband did it years ago, and he said it was a thrill of a lifetime.

Perhaps, one of the most well-known race tracks is located at Daytona Beach in Florida. Daytona Beach is one of the earliest tracks used in auto racing, as early as 1903 when a race was held on what became known as the Daytona Beach Road Course. This track was used between 1905 and 1935, and it was a 4.1-mile track with a 1.5–2.0-mile stretch of beach as one straightaway, and a narrow blacktop beachfront highway, State Road A1A, as the other. The two straights were connected by two tight, deeply rutted, and sand-covered turns at each end.

Do your kids love to play with cars? Do you and your kids love to watch NASCAR? Well, here are some fun racecar coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.

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