This is a sponsored post written on behalf of LIFEPAC. All opinions are 100% my very own.

As a 5th grade Language Arts teacher in a charter school in Houston, Texas, I have had the opportunity to review one of the best homeschool language arts curriculum that’s comprehensive and affordable published by LIFEPAC, a division of Alpha Omega Publications (AOP). LIFEPAC is a Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K-12 based on the principle of mastery learning. Students master content in each unit before progressing to the next.

Here are the intricate details about LIFEPAC Language Arts -voted one of the best homeschool language arts curriculum for 2020

LIFEPAC Language Art covers the six major content strands of reading, speaking and listening, writing, spelling, grammar, and composition for grades K–12. This program also covers special topics like visual media, the history of the English language, the Bible as literature, and book reports, as well as study and research skills.

The LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts curriculum covers the following areas designed to cover a full year of 5th-grade ELAR education:

  • Story Messages
  • Main Ideas
  • Words to Stories
  • Written Report
  • Story Elements
  • Poetry
  • Word Usage
  • All About Verbs
  • Reading Fluency

The LIFEPAC homeschool curriculum even includes a comprehensive teacher’s guide to help parents work through the program. The teacher’s guide features teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, plus plenty of enrichment activities that give you the ability to adapt the program to your child’s individual needs. It is very user-friendly.

As a charter school teacher who has to follow a curriculum based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), I have found that the LIFEPAC curriculum meets the same standards that I must meet in the classroom. As a Christian, I truly appreciate the use of Bible verses from the King James Version (KJV) that instills good Christian values. LIFEPAC encourages critical thinking skills that promote and strengthen a student’s faith in Christ.

LIFEPAC’s curriculum is also very flexible allowing the student to work at his/her own pace to master the material before moving on to the next unit. Too many times students are forced to move forward without fully grasping the concept in the public school. However, slowing down and reviewing the concept is one of the benefits of homeschooling. This flexibility allows students to spend as much time as needed on a topic to make sure they master the information. It also gives parents the ability to homeschool multiple children of different ages with individual academic programs.

The LIFEPAC Language Arts curriculum, along with all of LIFEPAC’s programs, is economical and affordably priced at a fraction of the price of other workbooks and textbooks. For all that LIFEPAC has to offer, I found it very reasonably priced at $63.95 for the entire 5th-grade curriculum. The only downside is LIFEPAC Language Arts curriculum is a consumable product. You would have to purchase the student workbooks again if you had additional younger students.

LIFEPAC is a recipient of the prestigious Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorite award, which recognizes the best curriculum in homeschooling as determined by thousands of homeschool families.

I encourage you to check out LIFEPAC for your student’s Language Arts needs. It definitely is one of the Best Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum for 2020 available at a reasonable price.