Internet Homeschooling Safety needs to be a priority in our homes regardless of how innocent, sweet, and trustworthy we believe our children truly are.

FREE Internet Homeschooling Safety Rules

Homeschooling with the Internet is astonishing and extremely educational, but can be very dangerous.

I am sharing my heart on this issue because I had a group of 6 ladies over my house for a Mom’s Night Out and 3 out of 6 of us have found our children misusing the Internet. This was extremely alarming to me. Everyone one of those children that have been reprimanded for acting irresponsibly online are being raised in a Christian homeschooling home.

Yes, you heard me right, a close-knit Christian family home that spends their days homeschooling together.

You are being naive if you believe that this would never happen in your home.

I decided to come up with Internet Homeschooling Safety Rules for our family.

  1. Always log on to the Internet when someone else is in the room, preferably an adult.
  2. NEVER share your last name, address, photos or passwords to anyone unless you have permission from a parent.
  3. NEVER except emails, IM messages, or open files from someone you are not familiar with.
  4. Immediately log off if someone is using inappropriate language or is discussing an issue that you feel is inappropriate.
  5. Always be a good cyber citizen and remember the golden rule.
  6. NEVER talk to strangers.
  7. Visit sites that have been approved with parents permission ONLY.
  8. Only visit YouTube when a parent is present online with you.

Internet Homeschooling_2

I made an Internet Homeschooling Safety printable to post by all of our computers. I encourage you to discuss these Internet Homeschooling safety rules with your family frequently and check your children’s history on all devices including phones monthly.

You can call me paranoid or impulsive, but my God-given job is to protect my children’s heart from the sin that is all around us.  And education is just the beginning.

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Do you have Internet Homeschooling Safety Rules in your home, too?