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The average teenager will spend about 9 hours a day with screen-based technology according to Common Sense Media. It sounds deranged, right?

So what’s grabbing our children’s attention these days?

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Here are the TOP Attention Grabbers for Children

(1) Social Media Apps: Like Tik Tok, Mixer, Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Marco Polo, and YouTube.

(2) Video Streaming Services: Like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

(3) Music Streaming Services: Like Apple Music and Spotify.

(4) Video Games: Like Among Us, Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, and Super Smash Bros.

So the overwhelming question that I often asked myself is how do I change these circumstances.

Will my children resent me?

In my situation, I’m often the mean parent because when my children go to their dad’s it’s all fun and games. When they come home to me, I hold them accountable for their school grades, chores, and many other days to day expectations. I often feel like I just can’t win.

I was thrilled to find Axis.

What is Axis?

Axis is your partner and guide to deepening your relationship with your children by having an ongoing conversation aimed at leading them into lifelong faith in Jesus. They are known for connecting parents, teens & Jesus in a disconnected world.

One of my goals as a parent is for my children to feel comfortable communicating with me about their successes and struggles. I want them to come to me for answers or concerns before they go to the Internet.  Axis provides you with a library, a plan, and a team to encourage you on your parenting journey.

Learn how to have a marvelous relationship with your child today! Check it out!#teenparenting #parentinghacks #parentinghacksteenagers #parentingtipsforteenagers #communicationrelationship

Join Axis today!

You will have access to a massive library of culturally relevant guides, videos, and audio for parents. You will have assistance developing a clear plan showing you how to use Axis content to converse and connect with your children. Lastly, you will have a team of Gospel-focused researchers ready to answer your questions and pray for you.

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