Give Thanks Printable

During the month of November, my children and I love to turn our focus towards Thanksgiving.  I pull out of all the stops in our homeschool, and replace much of their regular schoolwork with Thanksgiving printables for every subject.  We color, cut, paste, copy, add, subtract, multiply, read, and write Thanksgiving. Then we hang all of our Thanksgiving creations up around the house to remind us of our thankfulness everywhere we look.  I want our lives to be focused on Thanksgiving all year round, but the month of November is the perfect time to hone that focus!

I especially love to focus on Bible Memory Work in our homeschool and I created this set of four copywork pages to imprint 1 Chronicles 16:34 on the hearts and minds of my family.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endureth forever. (KJV)

Click here to download your printable copywork pages in print and cursive.