Many children who are just starting to learn to read and working on phonics are able to recognize letters but they often struggle to distinguish between short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds while working with sight words. For instance, words like “cab” and “hat” have a short A sound, and “way” and “hay” have a long A sound.

Short vowel words are easy to teach with few materials and lots of fun.

To help your young learners work with word families and build short vowel words, I have created this winter-themed short vowel word activity bundle. The packet contains marshmallow letter tiles that your child can use for building words based on the images provided. I have also provided two mats with a place for the kids to place the image of the word they want to spell. Based on which image they choose, they will be able to spell single syllable words using the letter tiles. This activity will also help your young ones with their reading skills, as they match images with words.

Short vowel words are easy to teach with few materials and lots of fun.

This is a great classroom activity to add to any phonics program designed for pre-school and kindergarten students. The activity pack can be used when students are working in literacy centers or with you, the teacher, in small groups. So make sure to add this activity to your lesson plans for phonics instruction and include it in your bundle of resources for future use.

In order for the worksheets and letter tiles to be reusable, I recommend that you use white card stock and a laminator for the sheets to have added durability before cutting out the tiles and images.

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