When I homeschooled my children, I was a big advocate of copywork. Since becoming a public school teacher, I’ve taking some of my favorite teaching methods and turned them into centers or station activities.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day Center Activity that my kids adore. It keeps them busy.

FREE Valentine's Day Center Activity. This is a perfect activity for homeschool or a classroom setting.

Here’s how Find the Word Around the Room Center activity Works

  1. Print multiple copies of the Valentine’s Around the Room page for all students.
  2. Print (1) copy of the word cards, cut out words and laminate them for more durability.
  3. Place each card around the room or around the house if you homeschool.
  4. Students go around the room and locate each symbol and it’s word.
  5. Student write’s the correct word by the designated object on their page.

Of course, you can make it as challenging as you prefer. The goal is for the children to learn to read and write the words. 

It’s a FUN activity for K-2nd graders. 

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I hope your students enjoy thisValentine’s Day Center Activity as much as mine do. Thanks for pinning this Valentine’s Day Center Activity for others to enjoy.