Do you have a child who is absolutely captivated with rabbits?  I found nine adorable rabbit graphics hidden away in my files and I thought of you!  I created 27 notebooking pages which we are giving to you today for free.  Each of nine rabbits are perched on three different sizes of handwriting lines so that whether your bunny lover is a beginner or more advanced they can use this writing paper.

Free Printables Rabbit Notebooking Pages

Homeschool Encouragement Notebooking Pages are designed to be used for any notebooking project, and also work as writing paper if your child needs to copy spelling words, write essays, practice handwriting, define vocabulary or whatever writing project you have in mind!  Each of these 27 pages has an adorable little rabbit to color when the assignment is finished.

Themed writing paper makes learning more fun and motivates students to complete their work!  How could you use these rabbit notebooking pages in your homeschool today?

To download your freebie, just click on the image above!

Do you have a dog-lover in the house?  Our brand new Dog Notebooking Pages are the Subscriber-Freebie at Homeschool Encouragement this month!  Get Homeschool Encouragement Delivered.