I’m a big advocate of math centers or math stations for the classroom and at home. It’s an engaging activity to keep students busy learning with concepts that have been previously taught while the teacher works in small groups or one to one instruction. Everybody wins.

Free kindergarten and first grade addition math station station. These are perfect for school or homeschool stations.

I created this simple math station for kindergarten students, but found that it benefits first graders,too. 

Take a Peek

Print one copy of the questions. I recommend printing several of the number lines if more than one child will be using the math station at the same time. I laminated this math station to keep it sturdy. If you laminate the printables make sure you include dry erased markers and an eraser. 

The problems go up to 3o.


I store our stations in tubs, but you can store them in a ziplock bag.

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I hope your students enjoy this math station as much as mine do. Thanks for pinning the kindergarten and first grade addition math station for others to enjoy.