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Do you have a cowboy lover that needs help with number recognition and counting? If so, these counting cards are perfect for hands on learning.


FREE cowboy counting cards printable. Your child will master 1-20 with these counting cards.

My daughter is going to be a cowgirl when she grows up. lol! So I wanted to create some counting cards that would suit her fancy. She is still working on her numbers.

You can either cut them out and laminate them or simply use them as worksheets. These counting cards go up to the number twenty.

If you use them as counting cards, you can have your child use a clothes pin or a piece of candy to mark the correct number. We like to use M & M’s. 

I created these cowboy themed counting cards for my email subscribers. I offer my email subscribers exclusive FREEbies every week. Just fill out the form and you will be sent the printable via email immediately. Please check your spam folder before emailing at [email protected] with any problems. Enjoy!


Thank you for pinning these cowboy themed counting cards for others to enjoy!