Luxury Replica Rolex Day-Date 36 Rainbow Dial Of 2020

For 2019, Rolex introduced the GMT-Master II "Batman" and Yacht-Master 42, but not everyone was drawn to these sports replica watches. Because there was also a beautiful, luxurious dress watch that caught everyone's eye. That would be the 36MM Day-Date watches with Rainbow dial.

Replica Rolex Day-Date 36 Rainbow

Rainbow Dial

We'll discuss these technical updates soon, but first I think what's actually more important for anyone looking to purchase a Day-Date 36 in the foreseeable future - configurability. Currently, the new Day-Date 36 is not yet available in platinum, which is another real conundrum that will surely be rectified soon. For now, it can only be available in 18k gold, white gold or Everose gold.

Another important thing to note is that with this update, all previous Day-Date 36 dial options are gone with the wind. We have new ones, three in Everose, four in white gold and six in gold versions - all three metals have the additional option of a pavé-set dial with "rainbow" sapphire indexes. I think it's a shame, because many attractive dial options have appeared on the Day-Date 36 over the years.

The Rainbow dial is the newest Rolex dial and the first time Day-Date watches has had it. The Rainbow gets its name from the 10 sapphire hour markers in rainbow colors. Because the 3 o'clock position was replaced by the date window and the 12 o'clock position was replaced by the day window. So that leaves the 10 hour mark. The text inside the dial is very simple, just the watch series name at six o'clock and the brand name at 12 o'clock. The rest of the blank space was covered in diamonds.

Diamond Bezel

The Luxury replica watches that own the Rainbow dial all maintain the most classic case size, 36mm, but these any replica watches do not use a fluted bezel or a smooth bezel, but a diamond bezel. In addition, the center link of the President's bracelet is also set with diamonds. Over 75% of this watch is made with diamonds.


The Rainbow dial also has three options. The three options are Rainbow dial with rose gold, yellow or white gold. All the details are the same except the materials used are different. The movements inside are the most modern 3255 calibres. This movement has all the innovations of recent years. So it gives a more accurate time.

Although Rolex says the Day-Date 36 watches are mens best Rolex replica watches, the Day-Date 36 Rainbow is definitely a womens watch and I don't think there should be many men who can wear this watch. And the 2019 36mm watches are more for women than men.

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