In a perfect world, both kids and adults would have summertime off. However, that’s not how the world really works, meaning that during the summer most parents have to juggle working and making sure their kids are cared for all day long.

Working from home can be a challenge, but follow these tips to working at home successfully when your kids are on summer vacation.


If you work from home, that means you get to stay home with your kids and personally see to it that they’re well cared for. However, it also means dealing with kids running around you while you’re trying to get work done! To help you juggle work and kids in the summer, here’s How to Work from Home and be Productive During Your Kids’ Summer Vacation!

How to Work from Home and be Productive During Your Kids’ Summer Vacation

1. Schedule Wisely

If you’re trying to work from home and be productive during your kids’ summer vacation, then you’ll need to get good at scheduling. If the only time you can really get work done is early or late in the day when the kids are asleep, then you need to schedule yourself to work during that time. Also learn when the quieter parts of the day are (after snack, during nap time, etc.) and plan to get work done during those times. You could also see if you can get your kids on a simple schedule of their own, to make it easier for you to balance parenting time and work time.

2. Use Technology

Just because you “work from home” doesn’t mean you always have to work from your actual home. A mobile device like a tablet or smartphone can be a very helpful tool if you have to spend a lot of time away from the house during the summer! Depending on the work you do, you may be able to do all of it from a mobile device. And if not, you probably can still get your brainstorming, researching, or communication work done when you’re away from your desk. I used to bring my computer to McDonalds and let the kids play while I worked. I just ordered them each an ice cream cone.

3. Work Together

Many kids would be happy to leave you alone if they also had their own “work” to do at the same time. Since it’s summertime, they won’t have homework. But maybe they have a coloring book they’d like to work through, or a Lego set they want to put together. Put them to work with their own things at the same time you plan to do your work, and you’ll likely find the time passes pleasantly and productively! Keep these activities only available when you are working.

4. Spread Out the Workload

No matter how hard you work to be productive during your kids’ summer vacation, you’re going to have to accept that by default you have less time available to do your most critical work. To get around this and stay productive, spread out your workload! Maybe take your kids to daycare or a babysitter once a week, or to a summer camp. Also see if you can reduce how much time you spend on the more menial aspects of your work. Maybe hire a virtual assistant or use a social media management tool like Hootsuite. Do what you can so that when you’re working you’re being as productive as possible.

5. Reduce Distractions

During the school year, losing yourself in Facebook for 30 minutes is okay. During the summer, that could have been critical work time! To be productive, put your cell phone on silent, sign out of Facebook, maybe even get an anti-distraction program that blocks social media! I actually have one on all the time. If you’re going to be productive during your kids’ summer vacation, then you’ll need to be focused!

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Have you worked from home during your kids’ summer vacation before?