What is Thieves Oil?

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I prefer not to use allopathic medicine on my family. The side effects and after effects I and my kids have experienced are enough for me to not want to use them anymore. I prefer a natural method.

I’ve found a better way.

I specifically like to use essential oil blends to boost our immune systems and help hasten us to wellness when we do fall ill.

What is Thieves essential oil?

There’s a fun legend surrounding the eerie name of the oil. It really works to boost immune system, ward off illness, and shorten the duration of being sick.

What is Thieves Oil? | Jennifer at http://www.blessedbeyondadoubt.com/

Thieves is a blend of antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-infectious essential oils. These powerful single oils combine to formulate a super oil blend:

  • clove (syzygium aromaticum) – purifier, numbing, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, one of the most anti-infectious of all essential oils
  • lemon (citrus limon) – promotes circulation, leukocyte formation, and lymphatic function, antitumoral, improves memory, reduces depression
  • cinnamon bark (cinnamomum verum) – oxygenator, purifier, enhances other oils, stimulating and toning, especially on the cardiovascular system
  • eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata) – expectorant, antiviral, especially with the respiratory system
  • rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) – reduces mental fatigue and enhances mental clarity and concentration, balances heart function and improves circulation, stimulates nerves, antiseptic

Studies on the antibacterial powers of Thieves oil were conducted at Weber State University in 1997. One analysis showed a 90% reduction in the presence of micrococcus luteus after a 12 minute diffusion. After 20 minutes of diffusing, there was a 99.3% reduction. Another analysis showed a 99.96% reduction in pseudomonas aeruginosa after 12 minutes diffusing. View abstract.

My lab officer husband also conducted informal studies of Thieves oil, Purell® hand sanitizer, and oregano essential oil. Purell® showed no change in bacteria levels whereas the Thieves oil blend and oregano oil showed significant reduction in bacteria levels.

One of the first changes to make if you’re unsure about using essential oils is to switch your household cleaner to Thieves brand. Try it for a few weeks and see if your allergies, respiratory issues, and even skin ailments clear up. We stopped using antibacterial soaps and harsh cleaners in our household and switched to natural cleaner and handsoap. Such an improvement!

How do we use Thieves oil?

  • Apply to bottoms of feet during cold/flu season. We sometimes add it to our chests too if we’re feeling ill, but we need it diluted with a carrier oil.
  • Diffuse when we’re feeling icky
  • In a capsule with Frankincense and Oregano for an antiviral/antibacterial boost
  • Add it to cider or cookies or cake instead of spices
  • Spot treatment for acne and cold sores/ulcers
  • Freshen laundry (we use scentless natural soap, so clothes don’t smell “fresh”) – add a drop to that dryer ball or on a damp cloth in the dryer.
  • A drop in the Libman Spray Mop with hot water to clean and sanitize my tile and wood floors
  • A drop in a spray bottle with baking soda and hot water to clean…anything
  • I keep a glass jar of baking soda, Thieves, Peppermint oil, and Citrus oil on my bathroom counter. It’s a great facial scrub, toothpaste, and bathroom cleaner! (a great side-effect: mildew doesn’t grow back!)
  • A drop in a glass of water every morning (with Peppermint and Citrus) is a great mouthwash and immune defense. We swish and swallow the rest. No cavities and very little illness this year!


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