What is a Jesse Tree? FREE Printables!

Many people ask this time of year, “What is a Jesse Tree?”

What is a Jesse Tree? And FREE devotion!


The Jesse Tree gets its name from the verses in Isaiah 11: 1.

There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

The Jesse Tree is a FUN way to explain the story of Jesus’ genealogy and the history of God’s plan of salvation. It starts with creation to the birth of Jesus, concentrating on the imperative points in Scripture such as the fall of Adam and Eve, the flood,  and the lineage from Jesse to Jesus.

Each day during Advent there is an ornament that goes along with a specific scripture.

There is no right or wrong way to do a Jesse Tree.  There are so many different ideas out there, so do what works best for your family. Please don’t worry if you skip a day. This is not supposed to be stressful, but enlightening for you and your children. Have FUN and marvel in HIStory.

Since the number of days in Advent vary each year, there are a total of 29 scripture readings and ornaments. You might want to skip a few days or throw a few extra readings on Sundays. The option is yours.

Here’s how it works for us:

    • I print all the ornaments and cut them out. I place all of them in a basket.
    • We rotate each day who reads the scheduled scripture for the day.
    • One child finds the correct ornament that goes along with the scripture and places it on our little Jesse Tree.
    • We discuss how the concept applies to our lives today and we say a prayer.


I created the Jesse Tree Devotional and Jesse Tree Ornament Printable Templates exclusively for my email subscribers. If you are not an email subscriber, you may sign up below and you will receive the freebie along with a long list of other freebies that I have created for my email subscribers, including (2) of my eBooks. Please note, you will not receive daily emails, but a newsletter and educational resources each week. I will never share your email with anyone.

If you are already an email subscriber you will receive an email with the link and it will also be in the November 29th newsletter.

So now you know what a Jesse Tree entails. Feel free to ask me any questions. We have been doing the Jesse Tree for years in our home.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I am so excited to use it!

  2. This sounds amazing, love the idea and I am going to try to get this out to my grandkids.

  3. Linda Dietz says:

    Help! I am a subscriber but am not finding how to print the Jesse Tree ornaments & devotional. I have been clicking on every clickable thing…but to no avail. I saw a link in my email for other freebies, but not the Jesse Tree. (I did find & print the Names of God subway art…which I thank you for so much. I love it!)

    • Linda

      At the bottom of the email of the Jesse tree it says Jesse tree devotional and ornament templates in blue. Click on it and it should come to save or open. Hope this helps. God bless!

    • Amanda Lewis says:

      The link is in the email.

    • Candice Stringer says:

      This looks great! However, I am unable to print the Jesse Tree ornaments as well. I have been trying for a few weeks now to figure it out, but no luck. :(

  4. Tina Friend says:

    Please email the link for the Jesse Tree printables. I think I am already a subscriber.

  5. Please subscribe me to your newsletter. I would love the link to the Jesse Tree devotions. Thank You.

  6. I just subscribed but for some reason the links are not working for me :(

  7. Amanda Lewis says:

    Thank you so much for this ebook! I appreciate it very much and I am sure my children will too!

  8. This is a great idea! What do you use for a tree? How big is it? Can you post a picture of what your tree looks like? Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you! I’ve been looking for something like this! I really appreciate it and the time you put into making it for us!

  10. Debbie Hamlin says:

    Please email subscribe me and send the Jesse Tree printables. I am wanting my Sunday School class to make their own ornaments. Thank you.

  11. Thank You so much for sending it to my email. It worked great:) It is awesome!!

  12. I would love to print the Jesse Tree materials, but I can’t seem to get them to come up to print… I see the devotional in the box and can get it to full screen, but neither right click nor ctrl-p allow me to print.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your files, they are always appreciated.

  14. Meghan Schoor says:

    I was printing the jesse tree and my printer messed up. I got all but one page. I checked my email but don’t have on from you since I subscribed. Can you send me the link?

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