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A fun and effective way to learn and remember Vocabulary Words!

Our Family Night just got crazier and more intellectual after playing Marie’s Words!  It’s not only competitive but challenging too.

Marie’s Words utilizes colorful illustrations to create a “visual” for each of the 550 vocabulary words taken from the literature portion of the SAT test. While some of the illustrations are a bit challenging at first, once understood, each drawing aids in mastering the definitions of the vocabulary words. On the reverse of each Marie’s Words card is the phonetic pronunciation, definition, part of speech, the word used in a sentence, synonyms, and antonyms.

Each of the 550 cards are alphabetized, numbered, and with a hole punched in a corner. Marie’s Words presents difficult vocabulary in a visual and meaningful way for children of all ages.

vocabulary words

vocabulary words Game

Marie’s Words provides 2 games for endless word fun, Picture Words and Marie’s Wordsmith.

How it Works for Us

FUN game vocabulary words

We pop a bowl of popcorn and huddle up at the kitchen table.  All games are more FUN with popcorn, right?

We prefer to play Picture Words during our Family Nights, but we add a little twist to the bonus points.  Each person who can accurately define one of the review words before the game starts, gets a bonus point.  We put all review cards on a metal ring. To make it fair for everyone, we right down our answers on paper and review them together instead of shouting them all out.

We each take a turn drawing a random card and everyone gets a shot at guessing the word by simply looking at the picture.  If you are correct, you get a point. Next, the person drawing reads the definition and everyone must use the word in a wacky sentence.

Whomever accumulates the most points after drawing 10-20 new vocabulary word cards is the winner!

Our little ones try to guess the definition, too.  However, they are usually playing or coloring quietly next to us.

I was extremely impressed when I realized Marie’s Words was created by a high school junior preparing for the SAT.  I guess that explains why my 2 high schoolers enjoy playing it so much.  My 7 year old loves to draw a card and guess the definition, too.

It’s a super FUN game that we all enjoy playing during our weekly Family Nights!

Buy It

Marie’s Words is a FUN and engaging resource that is available through Marie’s Words website for only 29.99 and FREE shipping for all US orders!

Marie’s Words is offering a FREE group demo session and consultation online for all orders made in December!  

Win It

Marie’s Words wants two of Blessed Beyond a Doubt’s readers to play the FUN game, Marie’s Words, during their Family Nights.  Also, each winner will receive a 30 minute consultation. I will be picking a random winner on December 11 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours.

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How do you teach your children new vocabulary words?

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