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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jostens for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember picking out my high school class ring like it was yesterday. We didn’t have many choices to choose from and I had difficulty visualizing what it would look like because all the selections were in a catalog.

Today,ShadowCast rings by Jostens has an enormous variety of class rings to choose from that are stylish and unique.You can custommize the ring to your preference and actually see what it will look like on their website before purchasing. Check out the Roped Signet ring by Jostens. It’s one of my favorites.

Josten allowed my son to pick out his very unique high school Jostens ShadowCast Ring that will keep his high school memories in tact for a lifetime. There are endless ways to personalize your class ring. Jostens has over 600 Design -A-Sides selections to showcase your activities and interest during these memorable years.

He chose the May Sharmrock Spinel as his stone color since his birthday is in May.

He fell in love with the Facet Premier stone cut over the other cuts because he thought it looked liked it shined from a distance.

Since his favorite sport to play is basketball, he chose the basketball icon for his side 1.

Guitar is his passion, so he decided to go with the guitar logo on side 2.

He chose the white lustrioum metal with the Shadowcast metal finish.

Since my son is homeschooled, he was able to truly customize his high school ring to his liking. They have a dedicated ring selections for homeschoolers. I thought that was so cool. 

What Jostens ShadowCast Rings do you think your high schooler would choose to keep their high school years alive?

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