Entertaining Van Gogh Facts that will build Character!

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We had so much FUN learning about Van Gogh with this new unit study.

We absolutely had a grand time learning interesting Van Gogh facts while diving into the newest Sunflowers Unit Study, centered around the See the Light Art Project on Vincent Van Gogh.

We have been huge fans of all the lessons and projects See the Light offers families. I was absolutely thrilled when See the Light released their first unit study, Sunflowers Unit Study. Unit Studies have always been effective in our family because there is a large age range between my 6 children.

What Subjects Does the Sunflowers Unit Study Cover

The Art Project Sunflowers – IN THE STYLE OF VINCENT VAN GOGH is the core of this unit study that covers the era of Vincent Van Gogh, known as the Belle Époque in France. This period consists of intriguing works of art, music, literature, and the Industrial Revolution that are incorporated into the following components:

  • Bible
  • Science
  • Math
  • Literature
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • History
  • Art Appreciation
  • Foreign Language

The Sunflower Unit Study is a 4 week study consisting of Bible, Math, Science, Literature and History as daily activities spread over a four-day school week. The other subjects are covered once per week. Friday is considered a FUN day with only a few lighter lessons, such as, Bible, Literature, and our favorite, Read Aloud.

Here is a wonderful unit study that is budget friendly! We had the most productive 4 weeks!

Planning your week is very easy with the Week at a Glance overview and a more detailed daily plan. The daily plan outline has precise instructions for each subject that often contain suggested links to view on the Internet. No additional book resources are required which makes this unit study very affordable. However, a trip to the library might be needed for the literature selection.

The age range recommended for Sunflower Unit Study is 10-15, but we enjoyed it as a family. It was easily adaptable for my younger children ages 9, 7, and 4. I just beefed up the writing for my junior and senior.

An Unit study based on Van Gogh! We had so much FUN and it was budget friendly!

How Sunflowers Unit Study Worked for our Family

The weekend before we started the Sunflower Unit Study, I made sure we had all the supplies needed for the Art Project, all of which we already had from other art projects. I was thrilled I didn’t need to purchase any additional resources to effectively utilize this FUN unit study. 

We started each day with the recommended Bible lessons and verse. We spent time some time memorizing the verses and instilling His Holy Word in our hearts. The initial day, we watched the first lesson of Art Project Sunflowers. It was so entertaining and went into the history and facts of Van Gogh that immensely sparked the interest of the children. My children were so mesmerized by the first lesson and persuaded me to immediately watch and complete the second one. I couldn’t deny them because I was actually doing the art project and wanted to continue on to the next lesson myself. We intently watched and completed lesson 2 of the Art Project-Sunflowers. I have to admit I was a bit weary because I wasn’t following the recommended schedule. I am a rule follower and strive on schedules. 

The second day, we started off with Bible and I went over each assignment with the children. I love how it was easy to locate the recommended topic on the Internet or books that we already owned. Many times unit studies can be very costly because they require you to purchase multiple resources, but Sunflowers Unit Study just requires you to have access to the Internet and the Art project – Sunflower DVD. It’s very budget friendly.

After we finished the second day’s lesson, my children insisted we continue with the Art Project. We all had so much fun with the lesson that we finished lesson 4, too. Now that we were now completely off schedule with the entire art project completed, I was concerned that they would not continue to have as much interest in the unit as a whole. I was completely wrong, we just continued with our lessons each day. The children thrived on the facts and character traits of Van Gogh. He was such an interesting individual during an entertaining era. Each child showed interest in the various subjects depending on their strength. I personally found the letters Van Gogh wrote his brother interesting. We became good friends with Van Gogh over the 4 weeks. We learned about his successes and failures which helped build character in my children and I. 

We give Sunflowers Unit Study a thumbs up and can’t wait to dig deep into the next unit study that See the Light is creating. It was probably one of the most enjoyable unit studies we have done over the years. All the subjects just seemed to flow together beautifully. At the end of each day, I was able to say, “We had a productive FUN school day!”

How to Get Started with the Sunflower Unit Study


Purchase the Art Project DVD – Sunflowers. It’s reasonably priced at 14.99.  The short list of supplies needed to complete the art project is on the back of the case.


Next, purchase the Sunflower Unit Study for only 9.99, print the PDF unit study and place the printed pages in a notebook or binder for your own personal use.

What Other Homeschool Moms are Saying about Sunflower Unit Study

Win A Sunflower Unit Study and Art Project – Sunflower DVD (3 winners)

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Once you and your children learn the interesting Van Gogh facts, you will fall in love with the era, too!

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