This is a sponsored  post written on behalf of PatPat. All opinions are 100% my very own.

I know how difficult it is to dress your children in trendy kid’s clothing when you are on a strict budget. It’s even more difficult when you have a large family.

Hand-me-downs are great, but they don’t always work out for each child. I’m the queen of hand-me-downs, and I also like to bless other families in need with our gently used clothing that don’t fit my gang any longer. I still need to purchase new kid’s clothing at times. Of course, the older they get, the more trendy my kid’s tastes seem to get.

And my 6-year-old daughter is the pickiest of them all, to say the least. Now I know clearly  why God only blessed me with one daughter. I don’t care to go shopping unless it’s a must, in fact,  I would much rather shop online while my kids are at school. She, however, would love to go shopping every day. UGH!

I love and can afford trendy kids clothing for my gang. Check out this cool site.

A few months ago I shared with you  a really cool app, PatPat,  for finding affordable kid’s and baby clothing. PatPat just released their new website that has the same format as the app but making it even easier to shop for those adorable kid’s clothing.


The kid boutique website offers girl’s clothing, boy clothing, baby clothing and cloth diapers at affordable prices. They ship internationally making it easy for all moms to shop for trendy kid’s clothing.

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PatPat has flash sales and now offers some products under the store mode that will never expire. In the past, if you found something you just had to have, you had to make the purchase immediately,  or you would end up missing out on the deal. The deals are incredible; sometimes up to 90% off.

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The new website is very easy to navigate. But beware, you will be on the PatPat’s website for awhile, so grab a cup of tea or whatever you like to drink. PatPat has some of the cutest kid’s clothing that look like something  you would find in a kid’s boutique, but at affordable prices.

What can’t your child live without that PatPat is offering today?