Totally FREE Computer Math Games for all Ages!

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The coolest FREE computer math games site came to our rescue about a two months ago.

computer math games

I’m so excited that we don’t have any more tears when memorizing math facts and reviewing math skills. The thought of drilling math facts with my children makes me cringe when they snarl day after day. It just doesn’t make learning fun.

Mathnook has made learning math FUN and safe for my children. This engaging computer math games site has over 300 games for all ages and levels. It’s amazing and will keep your students busy for hours. There are absolutely no membership fees, sign ups, or upgrades. It’s totally FREE!

Oh, and it’s totally safe! That’s the most important aspect to us as parents and educators, isn’t it?  You can put your mind at ease with Mathnook. 

I love how the cool math games can be browsed by the math skill that  you are wanting to reinforce with your student. They have several different options available. I was totally giddy over the fact that they have seasonal games! 

My children fell in love with the bike racing game series and the math balloon games. These games cover numerous different math concepts, but the object of the game remains the same. I actually became a bit addicted to the Mathnook boxing

Shh, don’t tell anyone.

I encourage my boys to try a new game each day. I only allow them to play a cool math game after they have completed their math assignment for the day. Of course, they adhere to our Internet Safety Rules and are only allowed to play for a limited amount of time in one sitting. If the boys have a good week, they get to play cool math games on the computer instead of completing their regular math lessons on Friday.

Yes, I’m kinda cool like that….

computer math games

I encourage you to check out Mathnook’s website. They have a lot to offer educators and homeschool parents. There are various worksheets readily available to print. They have plans to extend their printable worksheets due to popular demand. So stay tuned. Be sure to check out their worksheet generator that includes all operations such as telling time and measurements.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that Mathnook was not available for the iPad or Android. We use our iPads for school frequently. After I inquired, Mathnook let me know that they have plans to have the cool math games available on iPad and Android in the beginning of the year. Yay!

Have FUN checking out all the cool computer games. Be sure to grab a cup of tea because Mathnook’s website is full of exceptional educational material that your children will enjoy.

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