The TOP 25+ Summer Items to get at the Dollar Store!

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Yes, I am addicted to getting summer items at the dollar store. I have a list of seasonal items that I like to grab each time I make the FUN trip to my local dollar store.

Here are my TOP Summer Items for a Buck

  • Sunscreen – this is my all time favorite item and 
  • Kites – especially for those beach trips in the breezy evenings
  • Goggles – I buy numerous ones because they are always losing them
  • Sidewalk chalk – practice those spelling words over the summer 
  • Sunglasses – I have bought reader sunglasses
  • Plastic Cups with lids – buy a color for each kiddo
  • Aloe Vera – so soothing after a shower
  • Gardening Tools – my kids love to help garden, so I always buy them their own tools
  • Bubbles 
  • Water Guns – my kids play with these without the water inside, too
  • Sand Toys – leave those dirty sandy pails at the beach and by new ones next time
  • Planting Seeds – flowers are always my favorite ones
  • Flip Flops – for outside or for making your DIY flip flops
  • Bug Spray – keep one in the car and beach bag
  • Lemonade – the kind you put in a bottle water. Keep it in the beach bag and car
  • Seasonal paper goods – they always have FUN ones for a Luau
  • Grill Tools – especially helpful if you are going to camp or picnic, just throw it away at the shore
  • Drinking Strawsiced water always taste better with a colorful straw
  • Popsicle – make your own DIY popsicle version with these plastic popsicle containers
  • Wipes – baby wipes for the beach bag
  • Nail Polish – as long as you put an over coat on, it works great
  • Travel Containers – perfect for vacations or the beach bag
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Jump Ropes – every girl needs to know how to jump rope
  • Festive Plastic Serving Bowls – I usually change these out each season
  • American Flags – to decorate your home or your children’s bikes on 4th of July.

There are so many FUN dollar store items for summer that I purposely have to make a special trip without the kiddos or I’ll end up being in there for hours.

Did I forget any? If so, be sure to leave your favorite summer dollar store item in the comment section.


  1. Kitchen utensils ( measuring cups and spoons, large plastic spoons, strainers) make great outdoor water table, sand or beach toys. Large gallon size ziplock bags (15 for $1.00) great for so many things (wet clothes, change of clothes, food storage). Spray bottles for outdoor water fun, paint brushes for painting with water, shower curtain liner for protecting the table for crafts ( wipes clean) or for using under blanket on the beach or for sitting on in the grass if it is damp or muddy. Love the dollar store!

  2. Velinda Corcoran says:

    We ALWAYS get silly string and puzzles at our dollar store. My kids love them and I don’t mind spending a dollar!

  3. Great list! I like to buy new coloring books and crayons for my kids to use on road trips. Hula hoops, pool noodles, and balls of all sizes are also great for backyard play.

  4. Jinglesmom says:

    We get pool noodles every year. Also water guns and water balloons. My granddaughter likes to dive so I bought some of those diving thingys to toss in the pool. This year they had some colorful plastic tablecloths too.

  5. tishialuanne says:

    Just please do not leave the sand toys at the beach. As someone who helps clean up our beaches it blows my mind how much crap is left,just cuz its easier. Thank you

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