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It’s the start of a new year and it’s always a joy to look back at what my readers enjoyed on Blessed Beyond a Doubt. It’s has been so much fun serving you with tips and resources for all the busy moms all over the world. I am humbled by your loyalty, sweet comments, and encouraging emails this year.

TOP 10 2014 blog posts that people raved about at Blessed Beyond a Doubt!

I have big plans and goals for Blessed Beyond a Doubt this upcoming year. I will be provided you with tips and resources that will make your life easier so you can spend more time with the people you love. 

Relationships are treasures and often we take for granted the simple blessings of family and friendship. So let me do the research, so you can be a blessing to your family. We only get one chance at this mom journey. Let’s make the best of it together. 

Here are the TOP 10 Readers Favorites Posts of 2014

You have to make this EASY vanilla wafer banana pudding recipe! Oh my!

I never would have dreamed that this EASY banana pudding would be so popular. I have to admit, it’s the bomb! It’s made me famous and it will do the same for you. 

A MUST read for all homeschoolers! Don't make the same mistakes  I did!

I was overwhelmed with all the sweet comments and emails this honest post brought me. It was my hearts desire to reach out to other homeschool moms to help them avoid these 7 Ways I Ruined Out Homeschool. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

christmas party games for teens

These Christmas Party Games went nuts this year. It has many FUN and creative ideas for teens, but it can also be adapted for family fun. However, I can’t take credit for it. Amy over at Are We There Yet created these FUN Christmas Party Games for you all!

recipe for pumpkin bars

Our EASY Pumpkin Bars were quite a hit this year. They are absolutely wonderful! I bet you can’t eat just one!

deals dollar store

Most of you know that I am addicted to the dollar store especially for seasonal items. The 43 Christmas Dollar Store Items peaked many readers interest this holiday season.

Christmas on a budget doesn't have to be depressing and stressful. Use these 20+ tips for an amazing Christmas on a budget.

These creative tips for an amazing Christmas on a budget blessed many families this year. Thanks Life Over C’s  for sharing your helpful tips with us. 

bathroom organization tips

These simple bathroom organization tips are still effective in my bathroom today. It only cost me less than 15.00 to keep an organized bathroom. You can have an organized bathroom too.

my organized lifestyle 2015

These are the 11 Simple Organize Tips that I live by each day. They make my days manageable and organized without throwing in the towel each day. Do you agree with these simple tips?

seasoned saltine crackers

All I am going to say are these EASY No Bake seasoned crackers are magnificent! Another recipe that will make you famous! 

 5 smart Things to do before your kids wake up

My mornings go so much smoother when I do these 5 Smart Things to Do Before Your Kids Get Up.  It only makes sense to have a routine each day.

Some of my Favorites of 2014

I just want to thank you all for supporting Blessed Beyond a Doubt. It’s because of you all that I am able to stay home and educate my children.

Please feel free to leave me any suggestions that you would like to see in 2015! 

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