The TOP 10 Posts you must Read from 2016!

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I always love to recap back over the past year to see what my readers enjoyed on Blessed Beyond a Doubt. It changes from year to year, but it helps me to plan the upcoming year with more goodness.


My blog still remains to be my main source of income for my family. I love being able to be home when my children are home from school. It makes this single mama…so very happy.

So thank you for being loyal to Blessed beyond a doubt. It’s because of all your support and sweet emails that keeps me moving forward. You all rock!

Here are the TOP 10 Blog Posts from 2016

7 Things I did to ruin our homeschool!

10.  7 Ways I Ruined our Homeschool

I share my heart on how I ruined our homeschool journey by following others and not the Lord. Even though my homeschool journey has come to a halt for now, I’m a strong advocate for educating your children at home.

 Delicious Hot Reuben Dip Recipe

9. Hot Ruben Dip Recipe

I’m a big reuben fan when it comes to ordering a hot sandwich at a restaurant. This dip is truly wonderful and taste exactly like the reuben sandwich. You will be asked for the recipe if you bring it to a gathering.

 Stop back talking today! Check out these 4 techniques to put a halt to rude responses.

8. How to Stop Back Talking

Try using a few of these tips to put back talking to a halt. I think we all have dealt with rude responses from our children at a times. If you haven’t, please write a book for us all.

 seasoned saltine crackers

7. Easy No-Baked Seasoned Saltine Crackers

Oh my, it truly doesn’t get easier than making these delicious no bake seasoned saltines crackers. I love to bring them on road trips.

Free Printable Student Planners 

6. FREE Printable Student Planners

I love having a list of free student printable planners to choose from. Every student is different and surely you can mix and match to make the perfect student planner for your student.

 Irish Soda Bread

5. Easy Irish Soda Bread Recipe

I’m Irish, so St. Patrick’s Day is always special in our home. This Irish soda bread recipe has been in my family for generations. Some have left comments saying this isn’t the traditional way to make it, but this is how WE make it. And it’s wonderful.

 signs of a spoiled chilc

4. 7 Signs of a Spoiled Child

This post has been the most controversial post on my site. I’ve learned you must have a tough skin to be a blogger. I have had the most hateful comments, but hey, this is my site, and I share what’s on my heart. Good golly, I have six children and I have dealt with some spoil children at time or two. And please when I wrote this post, I wasn’t referring to children with special needs. So take these words with a grain of salt. I’m a mom who makes many mistakes. I just love to share what works and what doesn’t when raising my large family.

 Fall Crock Pot Recipes_blog

3. TOP 101 Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall

This list of 101 slow cooker recipes is definitely one that you will want to pin and bookmark. Don’t let the title fool you, these slow cookers are perfect for anytime of year, especially in the summer.

 I am so excited that I can now simply restore my photos my phone to another device. It's the absolute awesome Christmas present for any busy mom. I give PictureKeepers a thumbs up. Win one today!

2. Best Christmas Gift that last a Lifetime

This post went wild this holiday season. It seriously is one of the coolest gifts that you can buy yourself or for someone else. It makes saving photos so easy and convenient. In fact, I love this product so much that I am reviewing a newer product from PhotoKeeper this month, so stay tune.

You have to make this EASY vanilla wafer banana pudding recipe! Oh my! 

1. The very BEST Banana Pudding Recipe

My popular and delicious banana pudding recipe continues to be the most viewed post for the last 2 years. Please read the ingredients carefully. I’ve had a few irate readers who didn’t follow the ingredients and directions and their pudding didn’t come out thick. I’m not sure how it’s my fault that people can’t seem to follow a clear recipe. I promise this is the best banana pudding recipe if you follow the directions and use the correct ingredients. It’s made me famous around my neck of the woods.

Follow these 7 tips to a more organized 2017. Also, print these cute free monthly printable calendars. 

Thank you for sharing these posts with others. I plan on making 2017 the best year yet full of quality content to knock your socks off.

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