The Most Important Homeschool Christian Parenting Tip!

christian parenting tip

So what’s the most important homeschool Christian parenting tip?

There are many ideas on how we should homeschool our children in our society.  Some apply to your family and some may not.  In a nutshell, we all use different styles and curriculum because we were all created in His image, but none of us are completely alike.  That’s why there are a gazillion different curricula’s out there and teaching methods.

I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but if we apply the most important christian parenting tip, all will work out according to His plan.

But one thing remains true to all of us Christian homeschool families,  we must covet our homeschool days  in daily prayer. It is necessary if we are to live out His glory in our homeschool. If we seek Him first above all else, He will handle the rest.

The Lord never intended us to do this homeschool journey alone.  Often, I forget to seek Him when I feel overwhelmed.  Instead, I get frustrated at my children and blame them for my discontent.  It’s not their fault that I don’t feel like teaching  basic phonic rules to my 6th child.  It’s simply, I have neglected to diligently pray for our homeschool that morning.

By praying for our homeschool He will direct us in all areas of our homeschool including: patience, curriculum choices, a meek and quiet spirit, and the words we need to share the Gospel with our children.

Bible Based Homeschooling has a FREE printable:  31 Days of Praying for your Homeschool that will get you started in developing a daily habit of praying for your homeschool before you begin your homeschool day.

Please don’t think you won’t have hairy homeschool days, you will, trust me.  However, seek Him and the Lord will pull you through.  We can’t do it alone, but you can with a homeschool full of daily prayer.  Also, here’s FREE Scripture Cards for the homeschool mom.

What would you consider the second most important homeschool Christian parenting tip?

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