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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services. As always, my opinions are 100% my very own. 

Being a single mom now, it’s even more important that I make wise choices when making large purchases for our home.

I’m on my own now, and I have to rely on the experts, while also doing extensive research on my own, to make sure I am making wise choices.

In all honesty, this should be the practice for all families, however when I was married my ex-husband usually handled all large appliances purchases; I usually wasn’t involved in the process.

Lesson learned. When purchasing large ticket items such as appliances, carefully evaluate the decision between you and your spouse, especially if you are the one who is mainly going to be operating it. 

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 I desperately need to purchase a new refrigerator. I got the raw end of the deal in the divorce in regard to this much-needed, large appliance. However, I can be assured that I will make the right decision for my needs and my budget when following these four simple steps.


How to Make Wise Appliances Choices as Homeowners 

  • Do your Homework

Go to the Sears website and browse the different brands of appliances of your interest. Really dig deep at the different features each brand and model has to offer. 

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  • Make an appointment with an Expert 

Call your local Sears store to make an appointment with an appliance expert. Make sure you tell them what appliance you are interested in learning more about. You don’t have to commit this time, but go with a pad and paper to take plenty of notes.

From appliances, to repair, to parts, to warranties, to home improvement, ONLY Sears has the unique expertise to take care of your house so you can enjoy your home. Sears Home Appliances and Services is the House Experts for Homeowners, so take advantage of talking to an expert.

  • Think and Pray About Your Choices

Go home and discuss your options with your spouse and pray about your future purchase. At this time, also do some additional research if you feel unsure in order to make an educated decision. 

  • Make Final Appointment

Make an appointment with your Sears Home Appliances and Services expert to plan for your final appliance purchase. 

After you follow these simple steps when making an appliance purchase, you will feel at ease that you made a smart decision. 

What appliance is next on your wish list?  

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.

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