This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brainy Kit. All opinions are 100% my very own.

I’m going to admit something…..

I’m not Einstein and don’t appreciate science like I should, therefore, I tend to not teach science to my children adequately. 

Stop judging…I’m good at others things. lol!

I believe most of us homeschool moms tend to not focus on the subjects that aren’t our favorite as much as the ones we enjoy with our children. At least that’s what I have discovered about myself in my 13 years of homeschooling.

You can easily teach Planet Earth with a hands-on approach. It's fun and engaging for students. #ad

Since science isn’t my strong point, I’m always looking for fun and engaging science curriculum and projects to do with my children. Due to the fact that I have children of various ages, I tend to lean towards a hands-on approach. I always find it easier for our family to teach as a group. Usually, I just create more difficult projects and lessons for the older children that I find online. Brainy Kits are designed for families with children ages 3 to 9, depending on what kit you receive. 

My kids have been having so much FUN with the Planet Earth Kit by Brainy Kit. Even though it’s summer, I like to spend a few minutes per day engaging our minds with something intellectual and useful other than electronics.


Brainy Kits, or better known as Montessori homeschool Kit of the month, is a curriculum in a box. I chose the Planet Earth kit because my kids are really big into saving the planet. All of the kits come with lesson plans and educational resources that were a big hit with my gang. My 6-year old daughter has been working the puzzle several times per day. Initially, she had to use the Model Planet Earth poster, but now she can complete the puzzle and name the layers of the earth by herself.

The Planet Earth Kit has 7 lessons that tend to last anywhere between 45-60 minutes. Since I tend to expand the lesson for my older kids, it takes us a little bit over an hour, but you can adapt it to meet your family’s needs. The lessons are very well written with little to no prep work. Each lesson has a list of materials needed, a purpose, several vocabulary words, and numerous activities. I found it very adaptable to meet the needs of my older children.


Each day we start off the lesson with recapping what we learned in the last lesson and I read aloud the book that came with the Planet Earth kit. I can’t tell you how many times my son has read this book to himself during leisure time.


My 11-year-old son loves rocks, so the geology lesson was his favorite.  All my kids loved actually holding and observing the different types of rocks that came in the kit. My children are working on naming 12 different types of rocks with the posters and flashcards that are included. They also mastered the rock cycle.


I have always been fascinated with volcanoes. The lesson 3 purpose is to understand what happens during a volcanic eruption. I found the suggested questions helpful, too. The author includes a couple of creative writing assignments in the differentiation activities in the Planet Earth Kit.

What’s unique about Brainy Kit is that you can subscribe to get a new kit each month. They email you ahead of time each month, so you can pick which kit works for your family or simply receive the recommended monthly Brainy Kit. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can also purchase each brainy kit separately.

Want to win a Brainy Kit, Planet Earth?

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I bet you didn’t know teaching Planet Earth hands on with Brainy Kit was so easy and effective.  Confession time…I kinda like science with Brainy Kit.