Hot Chocolate Family Night Idea

Hot Chocolate is always a treat at our house, but especially when we surprise our children with homemade hot cocoa and a road trip to view the magnificent Christmas lights.

This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions each year!

Already for bed in their warm pajamas, we mysteriously announce that we are going to take yummy hot chocolate in to go cups.  Bring a thermos for refills. And yes, hot chocolate works wonderful in sippy cups, too.

I always make sure I have a new Christmas cd in the cd player in the car. We usually purchase a new one each year. We have developed quite a collection.

One year I was feeling extra merry and brought Christmas cookies to eat while my little ones were enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights in the car.

Yes, it’s a bit messy, but it’s so fun and it only happens once a year!  So, don’t be a scrooge!

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