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A MUST READ before you send your children off to summer camp!

Summer Camp can be a wonderful experience for children during their youth years.  They can grow emotionally and spiritually during their stay.  However, it can also be a scary experience for some children.

Here are a few tips that will help your child have a wonderful experience at camp:

  1. Learn the focus of the camp, and pray for your child’s spiritual and personal needs.
  2. Help your child pack and double-check the camp check-list.  Your child will know where everything is located in their suitcase.
  3. Get to know the camp officials and chaperones.  Introduce your child to them.  I personally will not allow my children to go on a youth trip unless there is a chaperone that I personally know.
  4. Talk about What if’s situations for different unexpected events.  Role play different scenarios.  Discuss bullying.
  5. Discuss the communication policies with your children.  Have addressed envelopes with stamps in their suitcase.
  6. Openly discuss homesickness with your child.  This is very common and most camp officials are trained in this area to console your child.
  7. Send a family picture or a little photo album with the child for when they get homesick.
  8. Talk about baptism openly with your child.  Request that they inform you before they make the life changing decision.
  9. Pack a Bible and share some of your favorite verses with your child.  This will be a keepsake for them.

Are your children attending summer camp this year?