Guarding My Heart while Homeschooling!

In Scripture, the word “heart” refers to the inner core of a person. Our actions and our words pours from the depths of our hearts throughout our homeschool day. Our heart controls our mood. Our moods controls our actions. Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life.  Proverbs 4:23 In the Greek language the heart is defined as the inner man, mind, or will. I start to stumble when I don’t guard my heart {Read More}

Intentional Quiet Time {Day 5} – 5 Day TOS Blog Hop –

Today I want to encourage you to make your quiet time a priority in your life, such as, water. It doesn’t just happen! I must be INTENTIONAL! The most devastating mistake that I have experienced was not getting back on track when I miss a day or two.  We are all human and have a full plate and wear many hats. I stress to you! Don’t let Satan win! If you miss a day or two or even months at {Read More}

Intentional Quiet Time {Day 4} – 5 Day TOS Blog Hop –

Yesterday I talked about studying the Bible line upon line, similar to an IV drip.  Today I want to stress the importance of instilling God’s Holy Word in our hearts.  This is definitely the biggest challenge for me.  My mind is not as good as it once was.  LOL! Time after time, I would fail and get discouraged.  I tried numerous strategies, but still to no avail, I felt like a failure.  My children knew more verses than me.  How {Read More}

Intentional Quiet Time – {Day 3) TOS 5 Day blog Hop!

Like I mentioned earlier, I had no concept of Jonah, so I was like a child when I became a Christian in regards to biblical theology.  Most of my current bible knowledge strictly comes from the Holy Spirit speaking to me during my intentional quiet time. I give Him all the glory! So rather you are 10 or 101 years old, it’s never too late to let the Spirit speak to you through His Holy Word. It’s powerful! You will {Read More}

Intentional Quiet Time {Day 2} – TOS 5 Day Blog Hop

Having a deep purposeful spiritual prayer life has always been a challenge for me. Growing up I was taught to memorizing certain prayers at a very young age.  I had no idea what they meant, but I was “praying” or at least I thought I was.  In school we would recite them over and over again for what seemed like hours to a little girl. Over the years, after becoming a Christian, I earnestly wanted to enhance my spiritual prayer {Read More}